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MPPT RS shade performance testing, v1.16 beta

UPDATE: this thread is closed and continued here:

EDIT - OLD 1.16 beta1 test links removed - please see new thread above for beta2 tests.

There is also some back story to this release is here -

If you are having issues with shade performance of your MPPT RS, please give this beta version a try and report back with your results, good, bad, or indifferent.

Note - this beta test release is only available for MPPT RS units - if successful, the results will be adapted for Inverter RS Solar and Multi RS models as well.

The main change from previous versions is instead of a shade detection algorithm, which has proven more difficult than expected to make reliable in all different real world situations, we have changed tack and improved the periodic scan method by speeding it up. A complete I/V range scan now only taking 5 seconds.

This should provide immediate and reliable improvements, and hopefully put the issue to rest. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

mppt rs
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Dierk Grossfeld avatar image Dierk Grossfeld commented ·

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) :

First impression since we have at least some sun today.

On the first tracker of both RS i have same orientation, modules and string length.

String 1 is having one module shaded a third right now.

Direct comparison is showing 1660 to 1500 watts roughly.

When i look in the details of the corresponding trackers they are indeed now scanning in the lower voltage area (1st at 214 volts, 2nd at 270 volts).
Scanning is astonishing faster and more precise it seems.
So its even producing more power than with 1.14.

With 1.14 it was already good (1/3 shaded also 1/3 less power).

With 1.11: 200 watts against 1600......


Fantastic !

Thank you so much for keeping on that topic. Its helping a lot in the darker half of the year now :)

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mo75 avatar image mo75 commented ·

Just a small question @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) (although the new algo seems to be doing its job quite well)

Is the fast scan every 5 minutes so fast that the second-by-second logging in VictronConnect can't log fast enough, or is the scan actually sometimes only downwards and sometimes upwards?


Comparing the two arrays, the MPPT now seems to be doing its job satisfactorily. Tracker 1 is mainly unshaded (20°, 180°S), tracker 2 is partially shaded by the dormer until midday (40°, 180°S). Tracker 2 can catch up as the day progresses, although the curves are very similar despite the shade. That's good!


Best regards,


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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ commented ·

Hey all, thank you very much for your feedback!

There is a new beta available, v1.16-beta-02, see here:

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beat avatar image beat mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ commented ·
Thank you very much! upgraded both 450/100 units from beta 1 to beta 2, so they will be ready for tomorrow, which is forecasted to be a comparable sunny day with today (finally SUUN here!).
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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ beat commented ·

Ok! Looking forward to hear the results.

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mo75 avatar image mo75 commented ·

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

So far the MPPT works perfectly on a almost perfect sunny day.


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mo75 answered ·

Wow, it's all coming thick and fast now.

First I installed the new VictronConnect 5.98 beta 1 today, which contained the new 1.15 for the RS, and now a new update is coming straight away?

Ok, it's already installed and the sun is even shining at times and there's still some shade on the module field. We will see...

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This issue has Matthijs' eye on it now ;)

Thanks for taking the leap and loading up the beta.

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mo75 avatar image mo75 Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·
Thanks for the effort!
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nesswill avatar image
nesswill answered ·

Me too updated all three will see what happens to the single tracker tomorrow morning.

Thanks guys very much appreciated.


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nesswill avatar image nesswill commented ·

Hi Guy @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

The issue i had with the RS450/100 with a single tracker connected looks like it is fixed. Not stuck @ 36w anymore.


The sun has just (come up) and got on the PV's and tracking is looking good, i will report back in more details tomorrow.

Thanks again.


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single-450-100.jpg (34.7 KiB)
admiralbulli avatar image admiralbulli nesswill commented ·

After the first day on 1.16 beta01 on 450/100, I can confirm this: startup issue on first tracker seems to be solved. Both trackers scanned well. On v1.14 I had to restart the device to fix the first tracker (lower graph of v1.14, green curve at 7:45).


Weather today was too bad, so no feedback on partial shade performance. Just: nice to see the sweeps reaching pretty low now compared to v1.11. This should help a lot.


Will definitely come back with more feedback and ready to test anything.

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beat avatar image beat admiralbulli commented ·

Cool! and NIce screenshots @admiralbulli !

Although I would love to see all *full* swipes go fully down to the minimal 60tish volts too.

Btw, side question: What did you use to get these nice graphs? I guess it's Grafana from the look, but how did you bring in the "high-time-resolution" data from the MPPTs (or Venus GX?) into its database (prometheus or influxdb i suppose?). I had to use VictronConnect via Bluetooth, but its graphing is limited and it stops collecting data when the screen goes off on my Android phone.

I would really like to be able to collect the I/V curves too for the reasons I explained in another answer in this thread, but I guess there are not enough data points to collect a nice I/V graph through this ?

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admiralbulli avatar image admiralbulli beat commented ·

Hi @beat ,

Actually I think the sweeps are going down to the 60s. But as my sample rate is approx 1Hz, the traces won't show this.

You were pretty close with your assumptions. Screenshots are taken from grafana. The whole toolchain is:

Data from CerboGX pulled by ioBroker's ModbusTCP adapter and pushed into MariaDB using the NodeRed adapter. All this sitting on a refurbed thin client running Debian. In my case 97.5% of this infrastructure was already existing due to some other home projects and adding the ModbusTCP for Victron was just straight forward, thanks to this great community and the docs provided by Victron.

Concerning your thoughts on Voltage and Current logging, I'd agree that the Modbus-through-Cerbo way is far too slow. Played around a bit and never got faster than 100-200ms cycletime. I don't say it can't be faster but I just stopped trying further.

Let me know if you have any questions on the toolchain.

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nesswill avatar image nesswill nesswill commented ·
Yes my issue is fixed. Thanks Guys.

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

As for shading performance I did/do not have as much of an issue with this compared to others. and due to weather conditions, it is hard to post any useful info, but one point of interest is I get to fully charged about 30 minuets earlier than compared to other day on version 1.11 (and similar weather). So, time will tell, I would love to be able to over-lay a day a number of days ago with (say) yesterday but cannot find an easy way to do that as that might provide more useful info.

Thanks, Victron for you continued support/understanding and a fantastic community spirit that helps to improve Victron products for all to benefit.


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nesswill avatar image nesswill nesswill commented ·
One thing I have noticed is the individual totals in VRM from the trackers doesn't always add upto the grand total at the top.

This is not a problem for me just an observation.

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nesswill avatar image nesswill commented ·


I have shading on one panel of six (panel 3) from a tree and tuning the Partial Shading Detection on and off makes no difference to the power generation on this tracker not sure how quick this charge should take or does it not work on the beta v1.16 @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) any advice please.

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) avatar image Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ nesswill commented ·

I would compare production from one day to the next, so 24 hours.

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nesswill avatar image nesswill Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·
Thanks Guy

I had guessed something like that.

I will try but to get two sunny days in a row in the uk this time of year, i might get lucky.


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nesswill avatar image nesswill nesswill commented ·

I did try with Partial Shading Detection turned off and didn't notice much difference but it is hard to tell this time of year.

Sun is going down fast and tree shading is changing day by day.


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nesswill avatar image nesswill commented ·

One thing I have noticed is this.

With tree shade (part shading over a number of panels) there is a noticeable drop in production compared to solid shade, I guess this is to be expected, just thought I would share.


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tree.jpg (29.2 KiB)
beat avatar image beat nesswill commented ·
I can confirm this here too, just didn't have a such a nice graph to post. Thank you!
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nesswill avatar image nesswill beat commented ·


Yes, it is interesting how quickly things change this time of year (well in the UK anyway) with shade and low sun, it's hard to compare day to day, would be nice if you could overlay graphs from a number of different days. - May-be a feature request @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

This is my first December with this setup, so every day is a school day for me :)

Looking forward to the next beta version.

Cheers Dave.

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Dierk Grossfeld avatar image
Dierk Grossfeld answered ·

Also updated both of my 200's half an hour ago and its working quite fine. Can tell more about the shadow management in a couple of hours when one string is shaded and the other is not.

Thanks for providing the beta @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) !

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hotel-lima avatar image
hotel-lima answered ·

Also updated my 450/200 now. I'm curious how it will perform...

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peregrines avatar image
peregrines answered ·

I just updated my shaded RS450/100 and the results are incredible! Right now I harvest around 4 times more than before!
(Red Line is Point of Firmware Update)
Thank You for your great work Victron!

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beat avatar image
beat answered ·

Many Thanks for this new and better beta! :-)

This time the timing was perfect for tests, as today is the only day of the week with full sunshine, and I could update both my 450/100 with 2 trackers each fully loaded around 10am, and I took the time to check nearer.

First of all, v1.16 is generally better than v1.14 albeit still far from perfect.

General remarks:

- Full scans are done all 10 minutes, ... sometimes. Which is better than none, but

- from what I saw, while tracker 1 does a full scan every 10 minutes almost each time, tracker 2 (on both units) doesn't do them each 10 minutes time, or just up to VOC but not down to 60'is volts, even with very low output of around 100W or less (see graph 1 below), and sometimes sweeps only up or does a very limited scan (not going down less than 200 volts, and certainly almost never the 60'ish volts, even with low power output at higher voltage (especially at low output and even if the other tracker has 1000+W of output). But sometimes none does it (graph 2)

- And 10 minutes is still too long, it's less good than every 5 minutes (like e.g. Fronius does), as far shading can substantially change within a few minutes (see graph3 below where just 2 panels get shaded one after the other within 10 minutes). With far shading, 4 or 5 minutes seems like a good interval for full scans.

- I see some permanent local tracking around the local MPP, which is good, but may I suggest to "auto-learn" the number of panels, and do more aggressive local scans for +-1 panel voltage every minute, or at least when there is a steady and significant decrease or increase of power, like in Graph 3 ?

- One of the MPPT 450/100 is more proactive in 10 minutes periodic scanning than the other, e.g. at one stage there was full sun on the pannels, but for over 20 minutes the string produced 100W, then finally it made a full scan, and produced 2000+W. But there was a 20 minutes loss of production.

Thus imho, as full scans take only less than 5 seconds (I see more like 2 seconds per tracker): Here a few suggestions of improvement:

- full scans could be performed every 4 minutes, maybe not one just after the other, but spaced.

- local scans (+- 1-2 panels / 3-6 diode voltages) could be performed every 2 minutes.

- full scans should be systematic, on both trackers. Make sure to go down to minimum voltage (especially if current tracker production is not "great") and up to Voc.

- If power on a single tracker goes steadily down (or up) more than 20% within 90 secondes while other trackers remain stable, no need to wait for interval for full scan, do it immediately.

- Imho, only once these basics are in place and well tested in field, start trying to be more smart.

- Additional suggestion: Open-source your MPPT software, as it's not yet great, it can only benefit from more eyes imho, and there are already nice open-source MPPT software and hardware on GitHub, so imho nothing to loose or risk ;-) .

Will post more if I find more ;-)

Looking forward to an even more improved beta 2 :-)

Graph 1: Tracker 1 does full scans all 10 minutes, but tracker 2 does only upwards (while having a poor power output because of partial shading):


Graph 2: No full scans during over 20 minutes:


Graph 3: 10 minutes are too loooong: here we have horizontal panels on tracker 1, and you see how power goes down and down again from 2250W to 300W because of shading (while tracker 2 remains stable, which is an added sign of shading moving, no need to wait 10 minutes for full scan, or at least do them every around 4 minutes):


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Thanks @beat,

Very useful feedback, I’ve passed it on to the engineers for the next beta.

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beat avatar image beat Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

Thank you @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) !

Today there was no sunshine at all and record low luminosity, no shading. All the strings of the RS 450/100 performed almost identically (proportionally to their number of panels in series) to the MPPT 100/20 that is handling 2 panels in series on the same roof pane.

One more suggestions to the Dev team (in addition of the ones just above):

- Record/Log the I/V curves of each full scan and make them available to the user or at least to the installer (on wherever possible) for debugging purposes (not only for debugging the MPPT code itself, but also for checking/understanding/measuring string and PV panels performance. These curves are available on all the better solar inverters ;-)

I/V curves are very useful:

- The I/V curve shape can give precious advance warnings of serial or parallel arcing (adding arcing detection between the PV wires, as to the ground should normally already be handled by the insulation measurements on RS units).

- And later, these logged I/V curves can be precious for huge shading optimisations, as they are usually very similar between 2 consecutive days (for a given luminosity), so that GLOBAL MPPT tracking can be done much quicker with the memorized information of a recent, similarly luminous day. (BTW: I am putting this idea publicly here, also to avoid someone patenting it or making it a trade secret. We need to progress in the energy transistion as fast as possible, and Victron being Community and Open-Source minded is a perfect place to improve drastically PV science, hence my nudge to make the MPPT code (which is not yet awesome) open-source (so that it can become awesome). :-) ).

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mo75 avatar image mo75 commented ·

The RS MPPTs have two or four trackers. It makes perfect sense to use the information from another tracker to determine the MPP of one tracker. It is a free additional sensor, so to speak, that provides valuable information! This combination should make it much easier to identify the cause of power changes. For example, a rapid power change on any one tracker could trigger a large sweep on the other trackers as well.

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beat avatar image beat mo75 commented ·
Yes. Actually, as multiple MPPTs are "networked" in Victron's software with a "master" and "slaves", it makes sense to also take into account "sudden" changes or "no changes" of all trackers of all MPPTs's, not only of the internal MPPT RS 450 one. We could even imagine that the "master" monitors all trackers of all MPPTs, and when there is a drop in production on one MPPT but not on others, for e.g. more than 20 seconds (to low-pass filter local variations on a single string, like an airplane or a bird flying over), that it remotely (or locally) triggers a full scan.

Being able to trigger a full scan on a string in Victron Connect would be really cool. And if as a result, it would display the I/V or even better, the P/V curve, it would be awesome!

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) more publicly shared ideas for your Devs!

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spazpeker avatar image
spazpeker answered ·

My MPTT one- 1 has shading

updated to 116 early this morning, so v115 in center and v116 to the right

if that helps


1699538766953.png (185.8 KiB)
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djprofusion59 avatar image
djprofusion59 answered ·

Bonjour à tous,

Merci pour cette mise à jour qui semble effectivement efficace. Malgré tout j'ai une chose étrange. suite à la mise à jour en 1.16 sur un MPPT RS 450/200. J'ai eu une erreur que je n'ai jamais eu depuis 1 an d'installation... Votre avis ?

Je ne vois aucune valeur excessive sur aucun graphique.


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Hi @djprofusion59 & @Dierk Grossfeld, @jp_miata

I have forwarded the bug report to R&D for further investigation.

They have said there is no need to worry, the tracker restarts automatically, so unless it keeps triggering and is preventing the unit from generating power there is no immediate need to downgrade.

It is up to you of course if you wish to wait for a new version with a fix to prevent it from happening at all.

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djprofusion59 avatar image djprofusion59 Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·
Merci, effectivement pour le moment tout semble parfait, le temps est très mauvais ici, mais j'ai l'impression d'avoir une meilleur production que les jours précédent pour des condition identiques....
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Dierk Grossfeld avatar image Dierk Grossfeld Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

Thank you very much @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) !

I am keeping an eye on the units and they are working perfectly fine.

The error in the logs is in the first step annoying but only logged exactly one time on each unit.
So it is not a problem after all.

No Problems with production -> No need to downgrade imho.

Since it happened only one time in the early morning and not during the day where "real" power is produced:
Maybe code wise its in the start of the Trackers when switching in on again ?
Seems like it happens when crossing the 120V starting voltage.......


Just for completeness:
the right one did throw the error today, the left one didnt.


Poor weather conditions today.
And also just to mention it:
The right one only has 3 string connected.
The 4th tracker is open since we are on the way of building the last string for that.....

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1699613941590.png (21.5 KiB)
nesswill avatar image nesswill Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·
@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

Any news on the next version please?

Be nice to get rid of this error.

Thanks Dave.

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CM avatar image CM nesswill commented ·
I downgraded back to 1.15, I hate errors
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CM avatar image CM Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

Thank you Guy, I installed it once the beta 2 was released , no more errors , now observing production …. Thank you

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Dierk Grossfeld avatar image Dierk Grossfeld Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

Thank you for the hint Guy!

Also updated Yesterday and Testing.

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Dierk Grossfeld avatar image Dierk Grossfeld commented ·

Can confirm that.

Having same error on both MPPT 450/200.

But its working nevertheless flawlessly it seems....


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1699605655924.png (61.1 KiB)
nesswill avatar image nesswill Dierk Grossfeld commented ·

yep same on all three of my MPPT 450/100's.

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admiralbulli avatar image admiralbulli nesswill commented ·
Same for me. Not every day but on 2 out of 6 the message #34 appeared on my 450/100.

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) : really appreciated the push for the optimizations and would be happy to provide more feedback. But there is absolutely NO SUN around here! So nothing to contribute for now.

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jp-miata avatar image jp-miata commented ·

I am getting also this error since I upgraded to v1.16 beta!

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beat avatar image beat commented ·

Interresting! I just checked mine 2, and they don't report that error.

French below.

What are your strings: What are your Panel model ? number in series, number in parallel ?

Have you calculated adequation in the

The simplest way to answer all of above is to append the result of the calculator to be sure of the result.


Quels sont vos strings ? Modèle de panneau, nombre en série, nombre en parallèle ?

Avez-vous testé les caractéristiques dans le ?

Le plus simple est de mettre en annexe le résultat du calculateur pour être sûr du résultat.

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Dierk Grossfeld avatar image Dierk Grossfeld beat commented ·


yes I did calculate it before and it simply never can reach the 20amps per tracker.
mppt calculator

Modules are Trina Vertex S 425 Watts.
6 of them in series.

so roughly 270 volts and max 11 amps on the string.

nothing paralleled.

so i guess they can hardly reach the 20 amps short circuit.

If they would, also the 16 amps dc breaker on each string would have tripped.....

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djprofusion59 avatar image djprofusion59 beat commented ·
Merci de votre réponse, mais aucun souci, tout est fonctionnel sans jamais une seul erreur depuis 1 An

Le test sur le MPPT Check est ok.

C'est uniquement depuis la mise à jour,

Mais effectivement tout fonctionne très bien pour le reste

Tracker 1 : 8 Trinasolar 400W

Tracker 2 : 8 Trinasolar Vertex 400W

Tracker 4 : 4 Trinasolar Vertex 400W

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) avatar image
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi all, but most specifically @beat,

I have been reading and enjoying all of your feedback and suggestions, but I think it's time to set some expectations. At least in the short term.

The RS engineers who are now focused on shade performance are also involved in many other important improvements to the RS range which are still yet to launch (see the Limitations chapter in the Multi RS manual for clues).

While this issue has been immediately prioritised, once this narrow aspect of shade performance and associated bugs are resolved, that is likely to be the end of it for a while.

The other nice to have things, such as preparing the codebase for open source, more detailed UI, logging and analysis tools are not possible now. There is too much else for them to do.

The big advantage of how Victron operates is that a post on this community can reach the CEO and the R&D engineers immediately and directly, and they can begin pushing out firmware changes that week. However that speed means that we have to focus very carefully.

Sorry for the cold water, I am enjoying reading and thinking about the possibilities, and 'levelling up' the range, you're welcome to continue to propose them, and you never know, but I would keep the above in mind for expectations.

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beat avatar image beat commented ·

Almost fully agree with you @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) . For one thing for sure, let's stay focussed on this MPPT issue in this thread.

Maybe copy the ideas you like to your (public?) tracker for the MPPT software, so that it doesn't get forgotten when priorities shift.

Of course having the successive P/V curves visible would win your devs a lot of time too, same with open-sourcing offloading dev time for nice community-provided features, but I understand that both require upfront time investment not available now, and we all have 24 hours days, plus the night LOL. No worries. I didn't expect my ideas to be implemented anytime soon, and didn't want all of them to be implemented before the basic shading and MPPT works! :-)

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beat avatar image
beat answered ·

Ok, @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) back, razor-sharp focussed on RS 450/100 shading bugs and v1.16 beta 1 feedback :-) :

Here another bug of v1.16 beta 1 that I can report now that we have a partly sunny partly cloudy weather:

When a cloud goes away and leaves place to sun, it takes most of the time a lot of time to RS 450/100 to "pick up " the extra power, e.g. going from 200W to 2500W.

(as comparison reference, the MPPT 100/20 on same roof pane picks power up almost immediately).

But when another similar cloud comes, the production reaction is (of course) immediate. But interestingly, it doesn't go down immediately to 200W, but first goes to a higher value e.g. 800W and then gradually goes down to 200W.

I could catch and graph in Victron Connect such a situation here, which shows the problem nicely:

In the begin there was sun. Then a cloud comes for around 30 seconds. You see the power going down from around 2200W to around 1000W (sharp decline of blue W line, small decline of orange V line, showing that the MPPT1 did a local MPP adjustment).

But then, the sun is back (when there is the first small increase of the orange V line, but power continues to decrease. The sun coming back didn't increase at all the power.

The sun goes even stronger, and suddenly the MPPT1 lets Volts going up to almost VoC, then another light cloud comes over and there are slight changes, aloways downwards of power.


Finally, the MPPT RS 450 v1.16b1 decides to de a periodic full scan (but it's not full, MPPT2 did go further down this time), and picks up a much better MPP:


Then again, it lets the V go up and looses track of MPP.

During all this time, there is enough room in the battery, so RS is in MPPT mode 2, to maximize MPPT without having to limit charging current.

So it looks like the local shading MPPT adjustments (letting voltage go slightly up or down, or not trying to draw more current?) outside of the periodic scans are buggy or vastly suboptimal too...

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CM avatar image
CM answered ·

I just stumbled on this thread, was lamenting that the sun wasn't out totally today and the panels were at 3000 approx, updated to this and almost kissing 5000 with cloudy sun, whatever is in this firmware should not be changed forever lollllll

hopefully tomorrow, i get more data and compare if the tracking adjustment is actually improved on my end

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admiralbulli avatar image
admiralbulli answered ·

Hi all,

hi @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) :

Sorry! My analysis below was total rubbish.

The power drops shown on the graphs were real, but NOT a result of bad MPPT behaviour! MPPT is working great!

Here the BMS reduced the DVCC MaxChargeCurrent as the battery was close to be fully charged.

Hi @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) :

FINALLY some sun around here and a very nice start of the day. Absolutely no cloud and up to now no shadow on my panels as trees will show up later.

However, some things your devs might want to look into.

450/100. Both trackers to identical 2x7 330W (JAM60S-17-330-MR) panel arrays each. T0 directed NNE. T1, SSW.


Analysis: only T1 (purple and blue), as T0 has no relevance during that time of the year.

Nice ramp-up between 8:25 and 10:16. Then, at 10:16:30 Voltage jump -> Power drops.

Interesting is the zoom. Voltage sweeps down and returns to the good MPP. Then voltage rises to the lower MPP:


Saw similiar behaviour a lot during the last days. MPPT is doing a great job limiting the Power as the Battery Management requested so.

Topic #34 Input excessive current: I can see this every 3-5 days.


1700993083972.png (95.1 KiB)
1700993967922.png (25.7 KiB)
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Alex Pescaru avatar image
Alex Pescaru answered ·

If it's not a too sensitive question, can I ask you which kind of MPPT algorithm, you guys at Victron, are using in your products?

Particularly in these 450/100 and 450/200 versions ?

Because on smaller, low voltage models, like 100/20, 150/35, etc, those problems doesn't seem to be present and I am trying to put some things together seeing the graphs the users so kindly shared...

And as @beat said on Nov.8, I totally agree with the idea below, although Victron could have a different oppinion... :-)

Open-source your MPPT software, as it's not yet great, it can only benefit from more eyes imho, and there are already nice open-source MPPT software and hardware on GitHub, so imho nothing to loose or risk ;-) .

Thank you!

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Looking forward to checking this on my Multi RS 6000 Dual Tracker
My 2 fields are 90-degree angle on the house facade and shading happens. So definitely will be a good beta tester for you @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

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Installed successfully via vrm.

Will monitor tomorrow and compare with what I had before.

If you need admin access to my setup - ping me via Slack or email.

Thank you!!!!

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Good morning everyone !

Apologies as this is a thread regarding the 1.16 firmware.

My 450/100 developped the dreaded #200 error and was replaced by a new unit.

However production from this unit has been quite low even after changing the firmware from 1.15 to 1.16 beta.

I have 2 strings of 7x410w canadian solar connected to the 450/100.

However today by chance I tried downgrading and intalled the 1.14 firmware and on a cloudy morning my production jumped to over 300w ,same sky cloudy conditions!


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and still climbing..


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