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Change DVCC max charge current using Node-RED

My system has both AC PV and DC PV. I am using the DVCC max charge current setting and it is working fine.

The 3 fase MultiPlus II devices have a charge efficiency curve that ends with 86% at 105A in my testing. Whereas it's doing 91% at 60A. As others have suggested elsewhere on the forum for the same reasons: 75A seems a good number. Point is that most of the users want to set a limit for charge efficiency reasons.

However. Summer is coming and AC-PV and DC-PV numbers are rising. My DC-PV has a peak output of about 100A which is way over my 75A DVCC limit. In such a scenario, the MPPT will luckily ignore the DVCC setting but it will cause the Multi's to stop charging AC-PV.

From what I have been reading, I can try and configure the MPPT in such a way that it does not use DVCC. But this is most definitely not a recommend approach for a system with a managed battery (Pylontech).

I think I solved the problem by writing a flow that sets DVCC based on 75A + actual MPPT charge current.

The question is: Is this a good solution for the problem. Or does writing DVCC that often have negative side effects that I'm not aware of.

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