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Switching off ESS via Node-Red

I am controlling the charging of my EV using Node-Red and MQTT. I'm using ESS and regulating the EV's charging current based upon the available solar energy. However I want to override this mode when I need a more rapid charge but I don't want to drain my solar battery. I've tried using the ESS Control node and sending it the Disable Feed-in message but it is not sticky. It switches ESS off but then it immediately switches on again. I've also tried sending a high value to the AC Power L1 Setpoint but again it's not sticky – it momentarily draws a high current from the grid but then immediately switches back to the original setting.

Two questions:

1) Which is the recommended approach to switch off or reduce the inverter feed to the AC input?

2) Why are these nodes not working as expected?

Many thanks.

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