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No power or efficiency information in VictronConnect app for VE.Direct Phoenix 12/500 Inverter

So I finally got the bluetooth dongle for my 12/500 VE.Direct Phoenix Inverter and got it setup. All I see in the VictronConnect app other than the "speedometer" of load was voltage in and voltage out. I remember reading in the inverter manual that with the app you could view more detailed information like the load in watts, or load percentage, DC current in, and even current efficiency. I cannot find that anywhere. What am I doing wrong? I've attached a screenshot. I did the firmware update first thing when setting it up.

VictronConnectPhoenix InverterVE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle
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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi Todd,

Unfortunately the current reading from these smaller VE.Direct inverters was not very accurate. It was displayed in the app for a time, but this was leading to other issues (as people assumed that it was more accurate than it was, when they were given a numerical figure), and these questions were re-occuring.

Given the accuracy in those smaller units wasn't precise enough for a number the decision was made to show the indicative load instead.

Apologies but that is the way it is now. I will make sure the manual is updated to reflect the change. Both were a compromise given the data available, but this one is a truer representation of the reading from the inverter.

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Wow that is very disappointing. The dongle is like $50, and all it does is tell me what i already know. I don't need any of the small amount of settings it offers. Is this a limitation of the hardware itself and so future firmware cannot fix it? Victron has such amazing monitors for all their gear. It's odd that your inverters would be so limited. I'll keep the dongle if a future firmware update is expected to bring back some of that information, but if not, its not worth it to me. Thanks for your reply.

This is fundamentally a hardware limitation.

The software could possibly change again, to give you more ‘interpretation’ of available data than the percentage, but I would not count on it.

If you have a BlueSolar MPPT charge controller, or a BMV, you may find the dongle more valuable when connected to them.

You can use the demo mode in VictronConnect to see which devices get which data. The larger inverters do provide more data.

Panos avatar image Panos Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ ·

I have a Phoenix 24/3000 pure sine inverter connected to a Bluetooth dongle and I cannot even see the inverter. Any explanation please??

Todd Wallace avatar image Todd Wallace Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ ·

It's kind of frustrating because my system has various other loads connected, and if I can see on the BMV that there is a 15 amp load on the battery, it would be valuable to know if the inverter is using 5 amps of that 15, or 10? or only 2? It doesnt have to have millivolt precision. And while i'm glad the more powerful (and alot more expensive) Victron inverters do provide that kind of information, that doesnt help me :( maybe there could be a switch in the settings in the future that enables more information with a warning that they are just ballpark figures, and not necesserily completely accurate. just my 2cents as a huge Victron Energy fan :)

Or at least maybe we could get a numerical value of percent of load instead of a hard to read graph