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What is the minimum Input Current Limit?

What is the minimum input current limit for Quattro?

Setting it on VEconfigure allows me to set it as low as I want. However, the input current limit won't go below 10.5 on the Colour Control.

It needs to be set lower as the customer only has a small generator. How do I do this?

CCGX Color ControlGeneratorVEConfigure 3input current
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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi Mick,

The minimum AC input current limits vary depending on the device, they are described in this article:

The definitive source for these AC input Power assist minimum current limits is here, you will need a Victron Professional account to access them.

If you wish to go lower than that, you must disable the PowerAssist feature.

It would also be a good idea for you to check out this MultiPlus Generator FAQ, if you haven't already.

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Guy, Can Victron update the minimum current limits spreadsheet to include the multiplus 2 data? Is it the same as the original multiplus?

The MultiPlus-II 3k is in that list already:

I will see if I can get it updated for the 5k, but I believe it is similar to the Multi, and no worse.

2625 MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 3.0A
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Thanks Guy, Saw that one and should have clarified I was looking for the 5k data. Also there's a 24v model now too correct?

Hi @Pganguet,

I have requested that the spreadsheet be updated to include all current models. Hopefully that happens soon.

shore current limits.xlsx

You will need a Victron Professional account to access.


this doesn’t explain why CCGX only lets you set a limit below a certain number (15.5 in my case) when inverting.

What devices do you have?

If you have a parallel or multi-phase system you have to multiply the minimum current limit of a single device by the number of devices in the system.

Hi Guy,

I have a use case to dynamically limit the input current of a MultiPlus-II. Are there any concerns frequently updating this input limit current or can I update that limit to my hearts content?

Or to rephrase the question: am I wearing out internal (flash) memory in the Multi by repeatedly updating the input current limit?

My use case is an installation with two independent power systems (off grid) where the second system can assist the first system depending on the SOC of it's battery and the excess solar energy available there.


Hi @jbakuwel,

The input current limit is stored in EEPROM. The memory endurance specifications of the EEPROM states 100K erase/write cycles.

Kind regards,