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Limiting Honda Gen power input via CCGX

I have acquired a new to me yacht, equipped with...

- Victron Multiplus 12v/3000va/120amp Inverter/Charger

- Blue Power Colour Control system

- Victron BMV-600s battery monitor

To avoid running engines to charge batteries I bought a Honda Eu2000i.

My problem is it goes into overload and shuts down, presumably because it is drawing too much power.

I have downloaded and searched through the manuals and also the Community forum but I cannot find how to limit the power coming out the Honda / into the Victron system.

1. Can this be achieved?

2. If so, can you tell me how?

CCGX Color ControlGenerator
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The first 2 links no longer work. Why would victron change these?

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@jvolpehoo Here you go, I found the Honda Generator & Victron White Paper...

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Hi & welcome! What I have to offer you are a few links with more info:

First of all an old one, but very much on topic:

Then this blogpost:

And then the main document we have to learn about limiting & generator sizing is here:

And for a direct answer to your question: yes certainly you can limit the current draw from the honda. Thats the ‘AC Input Current limit’ setting. Available as a configuration parameter, but also on most control panels; to be able to quickly adjust it when plugging into a certain size shore connection.

I hope that helps!

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Ha, now I get an idea of what to use my Honda 10i for. To be honest I had no idea that this is gonna working. And I always wondered why my 10i went into its limitations sometimes when I used it to charge my house bank through a Multiplus 12V 1600 while the inverter part of the Multi was driving an electric cooktop :P

Most probably I had the DMC set at a wrong Input Current Limit without knowing it. And I thought that the 10i is going to die soon. Phew.

Thanks! I will RTFM next time ;-)

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Nice! i’m happy to hear it helped!

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