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Quattro 10K 120V - AC IN1 vs AC IN2 (Grid vs Generator)

The system is configured with two 10K Quattros 120V/240V Split phase with 4 SmartSolar Charge controllers, a Lithium Battery with a CAN-bus BMS and it also has a Lynx Ion Shunt. ESS is configured in the Venus GX

I would like the GenSet to turn on when the Grid is not available and the Battery are discharged to 50V DC and provide power to the loads and charge the battery. The Venus relay are able to turn on and off the GenSet with no problem. When the condition are met for the Venus to command the GenSet, it turn on. After a few minutes an alarm is received in the Venus stating "Generator not detected at AC-input" and in fact the GenSet is on and power can be manually measured at the input of the Quattros, but the Quattros continue to discharge the battery.

1. I wanted to know if there was a difference between attaching the Grid to AC IN1 vs AC IN2 and the same question for the 30Kw Diesel Electrical Generator that provided 120V/240V Split Phase.

2. In the VE Configure app AC1 is labeled as (priority) and AC2 is not. What does "priority" mean?

3. In the VE Configure app there is an "Overrule by remote" that can be changed in either AC IN1 and/or AC IN2. Why would I want these checked?

4. In the VE Configuration app the Grid code is set to "Other" and both LOM are set to Type B. Should the GenSet (AC IN2) be set to disable?

5, Having the UPs function on, could this be the cause of my problem?

Would appreciate any help with this configuration.

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mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·


1 and 2: priority means that when there is AC available both on input1 and input2; the unit will connect to AC Input 1.

Therefore; we normally advise to wire the generator to AC input 1; and the grid to AC input 2.

3. You want them checked if you want to be able to change those values from your Venus GX. In many installations they are unchecked by the installer; to prevent the user from accidentally changing the maximum input current for a generator input.

4 / 5: please see here:

Hope that helps! Matthijs

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Carlo avatar image Carlo commented ·

The change of the use of ports ACin1 for the generator and ACin2 for the Grid provided positive results.

I am still have some issues that I will describe in another Questions here, but is has to do with the fact that when there is no AC load connected, Grid is off, Generator is on, and battery is at 49% SOC the Quattros use correctly the generator to charge the battery, but it creates an unbalance situation, where L1 goes up to 3000W and L2 stays at 10W. This states is hold for a few minutes until the Quattro give up and disconnects the ACin1(GenSet) and stops charging.

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natebert avatar image natebert Carlo commented ·

Are you using the current limiter to limit the amount of current draw your Quattros are placing on your generator (maybe it's being overloaded)?

I run twin Quattros and have an Onan 5500w 120v and I have to turn my current limiter down to about 29a to keep from tripping one of the two 30a circuit breakers on my genset.

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Carlo avatar image Carlo natebert commented ·

I have 30Kw GenSet that produces 120v/240v split phase. The only place where it is been limited is at the VE Configuration at the ACin1 input and it is set 100A.

Since my generator can produce a maximum of 30KW / 240V = 120A. However if this setting is per phase then I should lover it to 50A, and try it that way.

I am assuming that the "AC1 input current limit" set in VE Configuration is the setting of one of the phases in a two Quattro 10K system configured as 120v/240v 180 degree split-phase.

Please someone confirm this.

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boekel avatar image boekel ♦ Carlo commented ·

Did you check AC voltages on the two phases?

Maybe when F1 is loaded, F2 goes up in voltage too much for the Quattro to accept / connect?

Did you also check the LOM settings for the generator input?

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Carlo avatar image Carlo boekel ♦ commented ·

Both L1 and L2 voltage was between 120 and 122V and did not fluctuate much.

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boekel avatar image boekel ♦ Carlo commented ·

ok, and what settings do you use for LOM detection?

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