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Multiple battery monitor available - only selected affecting the system?


when multiple battery monitors are connected to the system and one battery monitor is selected what happen to the data provided of the other battery monitors?

Multiple users are using the dbus-serialbattery driver with more than one battery and a few reported, that then DCL and CCL is set, then the lowest value is applied by the MultiPlus II, even if this battery is not selected as battery monitor.

Is this a bug or a feature? :)

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As documented. The system can only use one battery monitor/bms. This is by design.

There are good reasons for this.

Batteries should be cascaded behind a master BMS.

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Thanks. So in this case it seems to be a bug, since the system limits the charge current to a value from a NOT selected battery monitor. To be sure the battery monitor was selected manually and the system was rebooted.

How to track this down further?

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You are mixing terms.

There are battery monitors which is set in system setup ie shunts..

Then there are BMS's used in DVCC.

Current DVCC will pick the first one available, so that is expected.

In the beta v3, you can select the BMS in DVCC. This is new functionality.

You have mixed terminology, but since you are referring to charge limits, that implies a BMS.

So update to the RC and select the BMS you want to be used.

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Indeed I thought it was refering to the same. Helped a lot, thanks!

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