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Connecting smart bms to other victron items

I have just purchased LifePo4 victron smart batteries and a smart bms. Am I right in thinking that I use a non inverting remote cable to connect the bms to my cerbo gx and use dvcc mode to control the mppt.
also where does an Orion tr smart 12/12-30 go in this situation???

My thought was the Orion output goes to the ve+ post of the battery and the remote (h) connected to the bms, likewise the mppt output connects here also and is controlled via dvcc parameters.

I have a smart battery protect that I am putting between the ve+ post and my loads (bus bar) but see that it is one way hence the questions ref the chargers.

Hope this makes sense and thanks in advance for any constructive advice given.

cerbo gxMPPT SmartSolarorion-tr smartDVCC
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Do you have the Smart BMS CL 12/100?

There is no data collection between the BMS and the Cerbo. All loads have to be controlled via the "load disconnect" and all chargers have to be connected to "charge disconnect".

(The Cerbo and a BMV/SmartShunt also have to get it's power from the "load disconnect")

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Yes that’s the one.
I was thinking that if I use the ve direct non inverting cable between the bms and the cerbo it would change from passive monitor to active controller- this is mentioned in manual - and I can still connect my mppt to the cerbo instead of having it controlled directly by the bms and not actually get the info to the cerbo and thus render it effectively useless.

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Hi, did you try connecting the Smart BMS using a VE Direct cable and did it work?

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