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Orion t isolated 12/30 outputs doesn't change between different charging phases

Hello Community,

I have posted several questions here lately and the situation is getting weirder and weirder...

My last issue was that my orion stay in 'bulk' phase but input and output both on 13.5v(odd).

today while I was driving and monitoring my app - the charger did move to the other phases but...

absorption mode and float mode both had the same voltage values (input: 13.9 output: 14.2) even though the app settings clearly state the the float voltage should be 13.5v

after coming home I turned off the engine and let the system shut down (the app does say that it shut off due to engine should down), and checked the charge on my battery (my battery has a small screen that will show) - and it was 14.2v while resting.

I am really concern that I am overcharging my batteries and killing them, is my Orion faulty? please can someone shed some light on this weird behavior. thank you

I am attaching some screenshots for better observation





battery chargingorion-tr smartorion dc-dcbattery system voltageovervoltage
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