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Mutiplus II 3ph + 1x Quatro II to share BMS CAN

I have a Mutiplus II 3ph in a Grid Series config. and functional + recieved 1x Quatro II and a 8kVA Genset. The Quatro (@ the moment) will only load Batteries, and has no Grid access. The Battery Bank consists of 15 Pylontec 3000c's. I wish to share the Pylontec data Bus with the Quatro II. Eventually the Multi's will be replaced with Quattros. In Germany they are not accepted at the moment.

1) can I add the Quattro to the running; Mutiplus II 3ph CERBO VE Bus?

2) (or) Share the Pylontech BMS Bus with a second CERBO?

Haven't tried anything yet. Just looking for Post advice.

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Chargercerbo gxGeneratorPylontechVEConfigure 3
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1. No all units in one ve bus system must be same model chip etc. It is in the three phase parellel manual.

2. Also no to the second GX/ cerbo in the same system/ sharing the battery with two systems.

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Does your generator support remote start?

If it does you could set up the GX to start it up to charge based on soc and the quattro feeds the bank. The pylotec will then report the soc to the system and stop the generator when is needs to or set to.

If you programm in the 51v float and 52v absorption with lithium set, the other inverter wont overcharge the batteries anyway

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mp2-3ph-40kw-pylon.jpgHi, Thank you for your time! Yes the Genny does remote start/stop.

Interested in your approach; never thought of it that way. I'll give it try. Thanks for bringing up the Manual bit. So much to read; one over reads. lol

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