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New Victron SmartLithium 24V/200Ah has already a temperature offset seen in the VictronConnect app

I bought a new Victron SmartLithium 24V/200Ah and when I view it via the VictronConnect app I see the value of 4°C in the Battery temperature offset. My question is why is there already a value here, does the temperature sensor in the battery itself determine this value? As indicated, this is a new battery, see screenshot;


In the VictronConnect app you have the option to set the set values to the default settings;


This sets also the Battery temperature offset to 0°C. Is this a sensible thing to do and will the internal temperature sensor determine this value again?

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Stefanie answered ·

Hi @Topper,

All batteries are pre-tested and the temperature sensor is calibrated via the offset.

In any case, the default offset value for Victron lithium smart batteries is 0 °C.

With this setting an offset can be set to improve the accuracy of the battery temperature measurement and adapt to your environment. You might want to verify the temperature with an external temperature sensor and adjust the offset accordingly. Usually the reported temperature for the internal temperature sensor is slightly higher than the ambient temperature.

See also the manual for this topic:

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@Stefanie, thanks for your answer, I can measure the temperature on the outside of the battery and use this to set the Battery temperature offset. So this setting is a manual setting? The internal temperature sensor does not calibrate itself?

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Stefanie avatar image Stefanie ♦♦ topper commented ·

Yes, it's a manual setting. The internal temperature sensor is pre-calibrated via the offset and cannot calibrate itself.

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