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Phoenix 2000W inverter firmware update to version 200+

I'm working on 2 Phoenix compact 230V 2000W inverters that are paralleled. They have an overload light on the slave with nothing connected to the output. I'm hoping an update to the firmware would address the issue or at least eliminate variables. I cannot use Victron Connect because the firmware is V159 and it needs to be over V200. Looks like I need to use Victron Flash to update but I can't find the firmware flash file (.vff) on Victronflash website. I emailed them requesting the file as the instructions say but they are not responding. Any ideas?

Phoenix Inverterfirmware updateveflash
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Firmware files are available for download on Victron Professional. You can sign up for free if you don't already have an account.

You didn't mention the exact firmware that you arre after, but the 19/20xxyyy and 26/27xxyyy firmware files are available there.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I do have an account with Victron Professional. Unfortunately I haven't found any of the .vff flash files.
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Identify your exact model. For instance from VRM, if you have VRM.

Go to that Victron Professional website and log in.

Click on the Firmware menu on the left.

Assuming your Phoenix is a VE.Bus model, in the left pane, look for a 'folder" with the name VE.Bus (Multis, Inverters and Quattros).

Click on it to expand it.

You will see 4 folders and some files (for instance instructions about firmware update).

The 4 folders contain various firmware files.

First 4 numbers are the model number. Last 3 numbers is the firmware version.

For instance 1920209.vff is firmware version 209 for model number 1920.

Which of those 4 folders has the firmware for your Phoenix depends on which model you have.

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