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Inverter/Charger 12/2000/80 VE.Flash Connection issue

Hello, my Inverter/Charger 12/2000/80 was working correctly until I was required to update the firmware to make changes because I am changing from AGM to lithium. I was using the Victron Connect program and had it connected to AC input 1 and also to the new battery. But the battery was dead. I was hoping to get the inverter/charger going to charge the battery. The update was going fine until it switched off AC input 1 then the unit shut off. (Didn't realize you need DC power and it would shut off AC power during the upgrade.) After that it would no longer display within Victron Connect. But when I use VE.Flash it will detect the com port but when it attempts to connect it displays a connection error.

I have used several computers and all have the same issue. Has anyone had the issue where the com port is detected but the unit can you connect? It was working before so is it possible to do a factory reset?

Below is a picture of the image of the board and DIP switches. I do not know of the exact version it was attempting to because it automatically detected it. But the version I am using with VE.Flash is 2708490 Currently when I set the second switch to true the middle yellow LED blinks rapidly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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I can't really help, but have you tried a reset as per the manual?

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just reconnect it to a charged battery and do the firmware update again via a MK3 or MK2 unit

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