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VE.bus mains detector / EasyPlus 1600 / Drained Lithium

Hi All


Victron EasyPlus 1600, VE Bus BMS, VE Bus Mains Detector, 3x 200Ah Smart Lithium.

Situation - batteries drained down to very low. All 3 batteries drained to 2.85v (couldn't access bluetooth to see cells - but assume they are at 0.72 each or something like that).

The Multi has been turned off my the VE Bus BMS - as it should be. When connecting shore power again - the multi will not come to life - despite having VE Bus Main Detect installed.

My first step will be to try and recover the batteries with a very very low Amp charger.

However, regardless if I can bring the lithium back to life, any ideas of how I can force the Multi to come back on again ? The Main Detect doesn't seem to be doing its job.

Thanks, Tim

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Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

If the batteries are so low the BMS VE.Bus BMS itself is turned off and due to that the MultiPlus doesn't switch on. But you also don't want the MultiPlus to turn on and start charging the batteries with a high current.

You have to charge the batteries with a very low current.

As soon as the voltage of the batteries is high enough to turn on the BMS you should be able to use the MultiPlus for charging, but still with a small current.

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Thanks Matthias... understood.

I am thinking of using a 5Amp Victron Smart Blue Charger - across all 3 batteries. So each battery will only get 1.67A. I know this will take about 5 days to charge - but think the lower the current - the better the chance of success. What do you think ?

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Matthias Lange - DE avatar image Matthias Lange - DE ♦ miya commented ·

You should also be able to switch the charger to the low current mode with 3A.
I'm not sure if a Victron chager is the right tool for that, I'm not sure if it starts charging properly at such low voltages.

But don't charge the batteries unsupervised (over night or so)! Always be around to check the voltages of each battery.

The BMS should stat working again at around 10V.

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Thanks for advice Matthias - you are a star !
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