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Sharing temperature between smart battery sense and smartshuunt?

I would very much like to make sure that Smart battery sense can share the temperature with the smartshuunt to compensate for capacity, and not just with smartsolar.

Because my smartshuunt has no temperature sensor because I need the engine battery voltage reading. Is it possible to do this? If this is not possible, it would be very convenient for victronenergy to implement this possibility via firmware in the future.

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I don't believe this is possible. And may never be.

Why wouldn't you use the SBS for your starter battery?

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img-20220523-095217.jpgYeas! Use SBS 9n starter battery is also a good idea I didn't think of...

But I explaine you why I don't make that at the moment.

I have 2 agm service batterys in parallel or not, with a 3 way battery switch. After battery switch it is the smartshuunt. It can be used in parallel or for battery 1 or for battery 2.

The SMS is on battery 1.

Often I make voltage readings VS SOC tests on battery 1.So I disconnect battery 1 from the load and leave only battery 2 on the smartshuunt to read the open circuit voltage of battery 1 after twenty minutes that battery 1 has been disconnected from the load.

The SMS allows me to do these tests and to see the voltage rise graph after disconnecting the load.

If I buy a temperature sensor for smartshuunt and put SMS on the starter battery everything would be ok. But I would lose the ability to take these readings on battery 1. I could do them with the tester but I wouldn't have the voltage rise graph.

Aniway, it's a shame that the smartshuunt don't have the ability to use 2 auxiliary input : starter battery voltage with cable and battery temperature with the SMS data on VE. Network.

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