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MultiPlus II ESS: Grid parallel vs. Grid in Serial Mode


What are the Pro and Contra for each other mode?

So that i know right now is, on Parallel-Mode you need the Meeter.

If i got an 48V/3000VA and the requested Power is more then 2400W, what happend in the in-serial-Mode then?

What is happening in both mode if the Grid fails?

If i wanna use my Battery and PV-System with MPPT at first and if the Battery is on setted lowest SOC, so the PV-System should recharge the Batteries and the grid is now goes thru.



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You cant have the grid in Parrelle mode it has to be in series with the output load - but if you mean that you have a grid tie connected to the multis output, then thats fine -

if the grid fails you can use the output from the Multiplus plus and the output from the solar (max solar allowed is 3Kw ) so in theory you could get 3VA from the inverter - until the battery is flat ( Plus whatever you have from the solar system) but usually what happens is that you use say 1 to 2Kw and the sun provides 3 Kw so the batteries get charged with any surplus power.

When the grid or generator is connected then the inverter goes into passthrough mode and you can draw a max of 32 amps from the grid plus the inverter will power assist if needed . or if there is surplus power and the batteries are full then it can export that extra power back to the grid. (If allowed)

there are many settings - however as a example - if you set the min battery soc to 20% and the system grid set point to say 100w (max power from the grid when battery is above 20%) then the Inverter would supply all loads until the battery got to 20% then it would draw the power from the grid and hold the batteries at 20% (unless the grid fails)( waiting for the sun to charge them)

Or if they were at 20% and the grid failed then it would supply the power from the batteries until the batteries were discharged and would then turn off, once grid power was restored or the sun came out - it would use the grid to recharge the batteries back to the 20% mark

The Min Battery SOC can be set to any level

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Hi, What i mean with parallel-Mode is, that the MP is only connected with AC-IN to the grid and for knowing how many current the MP hast to supply to the homenet, therefor you need the Meter.



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Correct, this is what i have done, The meter looks at power flow into the house and will inject power to off set your house loads depending on the power injection limit you set in ESS mode. i normaly set to zero power.

No power bills to date. :)

Rob D


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