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Solar input more than Multiplus inverter.


I am looking at installing a Multiplus/Multiplus II at my business with Solar and grid supply. I need to have around 1000W available for critical loads but have around 2500W while fully online. I will therefore be providing around 4000W in solar to cater for all the load as well as allow for the cycling of batteries after hours.

So, I intend on leaving the circuits that add up to less that 1000W on the critical AC output of the Multiplus and then the rest on the non-critical output. How does the Solar power feed the critical and non-critical loads? Or can it not? Does the solar input have to be less than the inverter size on the Multiplus/Multiplus II?

I have looked everywhere on the Internet to try understand how the system works but can't find an answer. Please help me understand.

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Hi Davin. In ESS mode the critical load will connect to the output of the multi, and excess solar power will be fed to the non critical via the input of that multi. The max power it can deliver to both is limited by the size of the multi, ie a 5Kva multi will be able to deliver a total of approximately 4kw continuously and the 3Kva can push 2,4kw continuously (depending on operating temperature). You can install more KVA solar than the size of the multi, provided the extra power is sent via MPPT to a battery bank. I suggest you read the ESS manual for all the details:

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