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Feature Proposal - Could resolve Bluetooth Topics: Publish VE Connect App GUI via MQTT


I'm currently setting up a system containing multiple Victron Energy Products.

Most of them having the VE.Direct Serial Interface, but some only with Bluetooth Connection.

I would like to integrate these into an automation solution and already did a lot of research regarding Bluetooth topics as well as Venus OS.

Today I had an idea how this could be solved:

As far as I understand, the Bluetooth Protocol will not be published and may be updated at any time via Firmware Updates. The first Idea was to ask, if the VE.Direct Text Interface could be integrated as a Serial Interface via Bluetooth. This could be possible via Firmware Updates, but it would involve more work to implement this feature.

A much simpler solution would be to integrate an MQTT Client into the Victron Connect App, publishing the data of connected devices or simply publishing the GUI (Widgets) via MQTT to an configurable broker.

This way an integration into several automation systems would be very easy for the user.

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