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running landscape lights off solar


i am new to solar. started with a renogy controller and 4, 10 year old Brunton solar panels. the renogy could not handle the volts, so sent it back and got the Victron MPPT 100/20 48v. Which was a huge step up in capability and ease of use. For some odd reason the panels say 24 volts on then but output up to 48v.

I have my 4 old Brunton 24v solar panels run in parallel, and an Expert Power Li 12v/20Ah battery hooked up to the Victron. First test charging today in full, but low sun, was a success, giving 15w.

My goal is to hook 7, 10 watt/12v LED landscape lights to the power out on the controller.

Do I need fuses anywhere and what rating?

Any other possible issues?

Using an online calculator, I should be able to run these lights for 3 hours after sunset before depleting the battery, which is perfect. Not sure the battery will be fully charged the next day, even if full sun. Maybe I need a bigger battery or better/newer panels?

Thanks in advance and apologies if these are dumb questions.

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