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Reset multi to factory or modified settings

I have had an issue with the SOC algorithm and voltage readings. After research on this forum I determined that it was a problem with the voltage measurement difference between the smart solar and multi. I got my SOC back up to 100% by increasing the absorption voltage to 59v from 57.6v. I didn't want to leave it this high so set about reducing the absorption voltage in the multi remotely (I do not have computer access where my solar is). So far, I have reduced the voltage down to 54v and the multi is still not recognising when the smart solar switches from bulk to absorption. I reduced the voltage again and now the multi will not start up, flashing low battery and then overload in quick succession and then switching off. Nothing else has changed in the set up which was working well for a month, SOC aside. I am assuming I have lowered the absorption and float charge voltage too low and it has interfered with another setting. Can I access the multi remotely with veconfigure even when it is off or do I need to buy a Mk3 to configure it directly? I'd prefer to avoid the $100 cost if possible...

Multiplus-IICCGX Color ControlVEConfigure 3
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Even with the Mk3 you will need the unit to be powered up to reprogram it. So your main issue will be to restore power to the unit.

Is the mppt still charging your battery, or has the battery switched off?

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Mppt is still on and batteries are fully charged. Colour control is also on and multi is still listed as a connected device but will not stay on. Thanks for the reassurance regarding the Mk3.

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Hi @20871pault

There's something wrong here. You say your batteries are full, yet the Multi is shut down. You need to find out why that is - maybe a faulty isolator or fuse? The default V shutdown settings are very low, unless you've raised them?

A multimeter or even viewing the Multi section via the GX to see what the V is that it's seeing. If you suspect a V discrepancy between the mppt and Multi, then that's also a clue. It is possible to see that in practice, but it's usually quite small.

In the longer term you could consider using DVCC to make sure both units are seeing the same V, even Temp too.

You haven't said what your batteries are, maybe a bms involved too?

Try to sort this first, and if the SOC you're trying to tune is sourced from the Multi, then that's tough enough to set up to give consistent results even without something external interfering..

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