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Can Color GX use Wifi for remote VRM comms and wired LAN for direct comms to SolarEdge HD Wave

My system has a Multiplus 2 with color GX and SolarEdge HD wave solar inverter.

I can successfully connect to remote VRM using the recommended Asus USB-N14 Wifi router.

I can also conect the SolarEdge to the Color control via wired LAN.

Can I enable both interfaces to work at the same time. The Wifi is intermittent at this location so I want to use the simple (reliable) LAN connection to the SolarEdge and then use the unreliable Wifi for remote VRM updates.

Is there only one ethernet stack in the Color Control which can only be switched to either Wifi or LAN or is there a way I can enable both, but with only the wifi being used for remote VRM use?

Regards - Jeremy Dale

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Hi, probably it can, as long as you make sure there is no default gateway set for the LAN.

You can do that by manually configuring an IP (and not setting the gateway) or by making sure the dhcp server (typically a router is used) on the LAN leaves the gateway unset.

To make sure, you’ll have to test it I’m afraid.

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I had already set the LAN connection to manually connect with the SolarEdge (see below)


This works well but as soon as I connect the Wifi by plugging in the ASUS Wifi dongle, the LAN connection is dropped in preferenece to the Wifi.

When I unplug the Wifi dongle, the LAN reconnects and the SolarEdge data displays on the COlor Control screen.

Below is the Wifi conenction details


Does the configuration look viable. Any suggestions?

Regards - Jeremy Dale

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Hi Jeremy, what do you mean with the LAN being dropped? Can you send a photo of the ethernet menu at that time?

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Added extra info above - not quite used to the chat format - new user!

Regards - Jeremy Dale

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Hi I dint see what you added? To add just hit reply and add a comment with the new info.

also just now I noted that you manually configured an address in the link local address space. 169.254.

Better dont do that, the GX will already have one by itself.

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the "Link Local IP address" cannot manually be configured, there is no way to change that setting - at least I'm not able to. if I scroll down to that field, there's nothing I can enter / modify.

to answer @J N Dale's question: yes, thats possible, I'm doing it the way @mvader (Victron Energy) described.

If you want to avoid the LAN connection being dropped, configure BOTH interfaces in -Manual- mode (fixed IPs / subnet / DNS), reboot once, and it should do the trick.

edit: and yes, DNS of LAN (because direct connection to other device) should be left empty.

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