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Venus OS v2.65~7 available for testing


This post is intended for all people participating in the Venus OS Beta test program.

Changes below. No change in status & plans since last time: a few more other new features as well as fixes are still to be done, and the goal remains to release and finish this version still this month.

Earlier v2.65 beta series change logs:

Changelog v2.65~7

  • Fix bug where adding VE.Can-connected Solar Chargers would disable SCS (Shared Current Sense). This never worked properly, ie. broken since v2.40 when SCS was introduced. Thank you @Al for reporting.
  • Fix issue for Inverter RS Smart Solar in case connected via VE.Can.

Best regards, Matthijs

Venus OS
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Al avatar image Al commented ·

Although I am not running OS v2.65~7, I can confirm the patch tested on my CCGX now allows SCS to work. Mppt Tail current shared from the battery bank and max current limit with SCS and ve.can mppts all works great. Thanks.

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alan avatar image alan commented ·

Fronius Gen24 Symo and Primo support?? These are quickly becoming standard.

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thomasw-1 answered ·

Hi Matthijs,

I like to report a minor bug:
Since a few versions I realized that for Fronius inverters firmware is shown incorrectly.
Instead of register 40036, obviously register 40044 is requested by VenusOS.
In previous versions I am sure that firmware version was shown correctly. Somewhere I even posted a screenshot formerly.

Modbus Info from Fronius:

GX Output:


Fronius System Info:


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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Thomas, before, we accidentally showed the serial number of the Fronius datamanager. This was changed on purpose to the firmware version of the inverter itself.

You can still find the firmware version of the datamanager on VRM, on the diagnostics page:

I'll make a note to have it added to the Device List on VRM as well.

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thomasw-1 avatar image thomasw-1 mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ commented ·

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
Indeed your detailed differentiation is right. However even Fronius themself references the firmware-packages by datamager version and not by inverter version. Therefore usage of the official version would be more intuitive, even if I could retrieve version via VRM or Fronius device itself.



In case you consider the current approach more helpful, let it as it is.

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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ thomasw-1 commented ·

Thats good to know; I’ll see whats best!

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