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Does frequency shift regulation depend on the nominal inverter power?


if a Primo generates 3kW at 50Hz and the regulation goes to 51,9Hz, what's the new power rate?
Is it 50% of 3kW or is it 50% of the nominal inverter power?

Or asked differently: is the regulation of an inverter with less nominal power more accurate than with a bigger unit even if there is the same solar power installed?

As this is a little bit specific probably @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) can answer?

Thank you!



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Hi Changing the Frequency does not change the output or input power ratings,

Only voltage and amps will change the output powers (and also power factor) and as these are not changed when the frequency changes from 50 to 51.9 etc there is no power output change

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Hello Paul, that was not an electrotechnical question.

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Then more info is need as the assistant setting of 51.9 will depend then on the setting that are set in the Grid tie unit. this is not controlled by victron Systems, the Grid tie unit responds to the frequency change, and its response is determined by its own firmware etc

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That's why I'm asking this question. I want to know for Fronius (51-52.8Hz) as this is a victron partner.

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Then please put some more info in your question details, and it would help if you could add some screen shots,

Ie of your assistant setting and screen shots of your grid tie units settings.

Really you should be asking the Fronius support people the questions as not every one here uses Fronius units and we are helping out on Victron questions mainly. As far as I know Victron supports there equipment but we don't know the ins and outs of the internal settings and how they work, However someone who know this grid tie unit maybe able to help more. Maybe change the title to have Fronius in it would help you

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I'm sorry Paul, but neither Multiplus settings nor more Information is needed to answer the question, just somebody who knows. If i had these Information i wouldn't have asked this specific question. I will ask fronius, too, but this is an offgrid thing.

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