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Custom Cerbo / GX touch interface to make it easier to access basic functions

Hey there, fairly new here. Been working with Victron systems for a few months now in custom RV conversions. I'm curious if anyone has modified the GX touch interface to be a bit simpler? The biggest complaints I hear is a lot of the system information is a bit too complex for the average user. Terms like "Shore", "Multiplus", "Digital Multi Controller", are a lot to soak in for someone's first adventure in recreational living. I don't know exactly how to get where I'm going but my ideal setup would include simple switching without much menu diving on the GX interface. The dataflow for power consumption is neat, but I feel an easy, intuitive pump control, inverter control, and system control would be of more benefit on the main screen. Or swipe between colored buttons and the dataflow screen with deeper menu diving available for the more tech inclined individual.

Is this possible within the GX system interface? Sorry if I'm missing some major points as I'm fairly new to all of this so I'm trying to learn as much as I can.



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Hi @Stykz,

Are you familiar with the Boat and Motorhome display option?

You can enable it in the Display and Language menu.


That does most of what you are describing;


You can see tank levels, turn the Multi on/off or charger mode (with a tap), turn a pump on or off, and adjust the AC input current limit;


Once enabled, It is accessible by swiping through the overview screens -


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Thank you so much for the information! I was able to find it and get it set up. It also made sense once I screen dove in and found out how to disable all the extra tank sending unit options - it might be worth including this documentation in the installation manual as it took me a little to figure out how to disable unnecessary options.

I seem to have continued issues getting the Cerbo to accept the inverter. I'm using a quattro 12/5000 and it just shows up as "Multi" without many options... occasionally it'll show as "Quattro" but still won't let me select it on this screen. I realize this is a bit off my original topic, but do you have any troubleshooting I might be able to figure out? Everything is updated on firmware, I've reset the programming and ensured remote is enabled and still nothing. There's no assistants loaded.

Thank you for the excellent reply and information!

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You're welcome, I am sure that further improvements could be made - and indeed some already have been by other enthusiasts.

Re: multi not showing up properly, please search the existing questions, and if there aren’t any good answers already, please ask again in a new question (or bump an old one).

I try to keep the community structure to one question per post, so others are able to find the answers too. See the guidelines for more.

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I guess I could learn HTML-5 and edit the one display I would like to change or ask if someone with a lot more programming background than me would find these changes useful.

This is the basic display I use


I want to add more data from the Smart Shunt. Specifically, consumed amp hours, and battery voltage on the start bank which is the second battery input. I don't need the far right column as I have no connected tanks and no plan to add them.

To make the display even more useable, the AC input should show both watts and amps or if only one value is possible, show amps rather than watts. The basic reason for this, is most of the world deals in amps, (breakers, cables, power outlets) but some deal in watts (appliances, generators). I can handle the math on conversion but even the generator has a 50 amp breaker so the conversion is not necessary. The same goes for the DC side.

Thanks to anyone that wants to take this on.


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