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Wireless remote screen using Raspberry Pi - Possible?

I've searched here and Googled elsewhere and haven't found what I'm looking for so maybe one of the smarter than me people here can tell me if this is possible. I have a 40' RV with my Cerbo GX installed way in the back. I want to have a display for it up front roughly 35' away. Is there a GOOD way to do this? A tablet running the remote console is not good. I was thinking a Raspbery Pi running Venus connected to the network via Wifi or Ethernet somehow slaved to the Cerbo or has someone come up with a way to install the GX Touch 50 remotely?

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Hi have you tried running the MFD App on the tablet (which can if you like it also be ran on a rpi no doubt).

See MFD App section in the Cerbo manual.

Extending a HDMI signal over that distance (for the GX Touch itself) might be possible; or not; but I wouldnt know.

“Slaving” a second gx device is not possible I’m afraid.

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So far, the MFD is the best option I've found other than using the CSS edited Remote Console to remove the arrow keys. The biggest problem with the MFD is I haven't found a way for it to display tank levels. Am I missing something?

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right, that is missing the tanks. Which were left out on purpose, since the original idea (showing this on a marine MDF) doesn't need tanks: the MFD itself can show tanks.

however, thanks for the reminder - for many use cases it would be nice to have the tanks; I'll make sure its done.

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That would be great! An option in Venus to remove the directional keys from the remote console would also be a fantastic addition with minimal reprogramming. It would allow an easy option for running the remote in a kiosk browser for any tablet or RPI without having to edit the CSS which I hear is easy to break with new firmware updates.

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You can run a raspi in Kiosk mode in wireless mode and control and view data from that screen quit easily.
As i have done this on a couple of sites.


Rob D


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Peter Buijs - NL answered ·

Connect a TP-Link TL-WA901ND with Ethernet to the Cerbo.

Configure the TP-Link as an access point

Connect to the AP and start the Remote Console or VictronConnect

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What will that do other than add complexity? Sounds like that would help with range but I don’t see how it’ll give me a more functional remote.

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