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Can I use inverter Phoenix 375 watt on the go on my camper?

Good morning, I wanted to ask the victronenergy professional staff if I can use my Phoenix inverter, running with my camper.

The system consists of a 300 watt solar panel with mppt regulator, and the service battery connected to the engine battery with a 200 amper relay, like the victronenergy cyrix, but of another brand.

The Phoenix is connected directly to the service battery.

There are contraindications using the Phoenix with the engine running, and with the alternator??

I do not think so, but some told me not to do it.

Thanks for answering.

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Paul B answered ·

as long as the voltage from the alternator does not go over the max input voltage for your unit, then you are fine to use it while driving.

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It's worth noting that the "smart" alternators on Euro 5/6 engines (and possibly other highly electronic modern engines/vehicles) could be an issue. If you have that type of alternator (or otherwise have problematic alternator voltage), the solution is a Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter. See also the two recent YouTube videos Victron have posted, covering exactly this issue.

A traditional simple alternator should be fine as long as max voltage stays within range.

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Fra avatar image Fra murph commented ·

Hi. I got a 1990's fiat ducato 2500D,with a simple Bosh 55A alternator. The service's batteries's tension reach a max of 14,5/14,6 volt. Do you think is fine? Thanx for your help.

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murph avatar image murph Fra commented ·

Yeah, you should be fine with that. That's going to be a simple mechanical diesel, without these modern complications. As long as the alternator is behaving itself (and the voltage is good for the batteries), 14.6V should be no problem. The datasheet for your inverter says it can handle 9.2 – 17V (the input voltage range):

Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct 250VA - 1200VA

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Fra answered ·

Thanks for your response!

I thought it was like you said....

Are you a member of victronenergy 's technic staff?

I don't know how these community works...

Thank you very much... Regards...

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Paul B avatar image Paul B commented ·

No just a member helping out

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