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Lifepo4 capacity and lynx shunt calibration

Hello from sunny south florida,

I an Electrician and my company assigned me that task of building out a camper van for a client. After some research I ended up using a multiplus 12/3000 with a CCGX, the lynx shunt 1000a, a 45amp mppt solar charger with ~250w worth of solar panels on top of the van(I wanted more panels but customer wanted more storage)and 2 renogy 170Ah lifepo4 batteries in parallel, and an alternator charger. The equipment seems to be operating as it should with the exception 1 thing that just popped up last night. The load on the system is roughly 20w to power the ccgx and the cellular internet (according to my CCGX).


with the rating of the batteries at 2175w each i estimated the system should run for ~200hrs +/-with no charge, ive been monitor the vehicle through VRM and it all has checked out until yesterday..the customer has had the van parked not in use all of last week. We had good weather all week with the exception of friday when it was cloudy all day and the solar didnt produce much.

To get to the point though the batteries died after ~ only 24-32hrs of no input am i mis-calculating something here or do i need to look into the current calibration of the system?

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So I would check the loads. I'm not familiar of the lynx shunt. It may need calibrating with zero load.

1. Did they leave the fridge on 120v? Or switch it to propane. (mine runs about 8 hrs with 500ah of battery)

2. if the unit is parked for extended period of time they need to switch the multi to charger only. (I do this when not in use.)

Nice install btw. Its way cleaner than mine.

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Thank you. Its a paying client so end product is everything. I wish i had more room to work with but its not my van lol, the fridge runs off 12v rated at 180w and i believe it was powered off, the A/C and water heater are fed from a seperate panel that only operate in passthrough. Im assuming the multiplus in charge only will then draw no/less power with an idle inverter?..thanks for the reply

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i know this an old thread and not sure if care to respond but for sake of discussion, where does that 2nd positive (red) wire go that is connected to the battery?

If it goes to the Sterling B2B (which I don't think it is but hard to tell) that energy would not be going through the shunt. All inputs and outputs should be on the "distribution" bus bar.

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