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Problem with CCGX controling the Multiplus on/off and AC current limit

The problem is below,

This is a brand new installation, the Current limit and the off and on selection in the CCGX is NOT working at all and yes the allow remote is turned on.

1. Using a CCGX with the latest firmware installed 2.21 PN: BPP000300100R S/N:HQ1643U1FMN

2. The Multiplus is a 12 volt 3000 120-16 unit PMP123020001 S/N:HQ1835LSJAR The assistance used in the multiplus is the 2 circuit assistant for lithium iron.

3. VE BMS in circuit PN: BMS300200000 S/N:HQ171549FQ8

Below are the problems I am having

1. When I try to turn the inverter OFF using the on/off in the CCGX it reports that this can't be done with the BMS connected. (multiplus is switch on at the switch on the inverter)

2. When I try to adjust the incoming AC current limit in the CCGX from 16 to say 10 amps the CCGX reports this can't be done with the BMS connected.

3. If I turn the inverter off and then back on using the inverters rocker switch, it will not restart again until I unplug the VE bus cable from the CCGX. Then the muliplus starts and I can plug the VE bus cable back in again and operation and displays all work fine.

NOTE the VE BMS PN: BMS300200000 S/N:HQ171549FQ8 units trigger wires are Black Blue and Brown, the blue and brown are connected together on each in and out cable then go to a single circuit BMS control unit on the LP battery and this is set to normally CLOSED, if the voltage then goes low or high the circuit is then Opened and when they return to the correct values its closed again. The Black wire is left connected between the two in and outs on the Victron BMS unit.

The Blue and Brown circuit is normally closed, if it opens then both the charging and the inverter are turned OFF as far as the inverter is concerned.

In testing this all works as it should with NO issues. except for 1 2 and 3 iisues

***** Now I have done the same setup using a Multiplus Compact 1600 in our office and this all works fine, with a CCGX and the same VE BMS wired the same way , and this all works just fine

ie there is no issue with item 1 or 2 or 3 in the setup in the office however its not a multiplus 3000

Have you any suggestions here

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Goodmorning again; quite a busy Saturday morning! ;o)

1. Thats by design. And unfortunate; but still be design. See ccgx manual.

2. Same

3. Make sure to update that Multi to the latest firmware version.

For the Compact that does work: I’m not sure why that works; but have an idea. I’ll find out and then reply.

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Solution, or perhaps better worded as a work around, for 1 and 2 by the way is to add a DMC: Digital Multi Control

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Paul B avatar image Paul B commented ·

Will await the reason the multiplus Compact works and not the multiplus 3000 with interest.

As I am hoping for a work around without the customer having to shell out more money (plus I was not aware of the issue and did not quote on it, so will have to supply one FOC, no issue just a learing curve my end), as this guy is doing a blog for us in the marine area and we want to keep him extremly happy

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