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CerboGX, ET112 and Shore power


I have a setup with the Cerbo GX, ET112, BMV712 and a Quick 12v battery charger in a boat. I have the ET112 in-line on the shore power to monitor load. No inverter or Victron charger in the setup by now.

On the GX I can see the ET112 and the power passing through it, and it reports itself as grid. Is there any way I can change this to shore and configure an alarm/notification if disconnected?


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I have tried to find out a way to monitor shore power without replacing my analogue Victron Skylla TG charger. Tried a post on the Victron Community to ask, but nobody has responded. Then I found your post, and it seems like you have found the solution.

Like you I have a Cerbo GX.

Is it possible to install Victron Energy Meter ET112 just after my shore power intake on my Yacht to monitor the power from shore?

Hi @sveines

I have installed the ET112 by the shore power connector, and I do see the current as a load on the CerboGX panel and in VRM, so the answer to your question is yes, it is possible. But I'm not able to assign the metered value as Shore Power, only Gen or Grid meter, and the AC input says N/A, so I assume that is why I am not able to configure monitor/alarm, either in the CerboGX or VRM.

To get AC input or shore power in the CerboGX panel and VRM I have been told that I need either a Victron Charger or Charger/Inverter by now.


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Hi @vga

You can change 'Grid' to 'Shore power' within the GX. Go.. Device LIst > Settngs > System setup > AC Input.

Re alarms. VRM has a *lot* to choose from, and it'll email you. Depends what you want there, but with a Victron Multi or Quattro the relay options are wide (say if you want to run a siren). :)

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Hi @JohnC and thanks for the reply. I have already tried AC Input 1 and AC input 2. Changing to Shore Power, and enabling the alarm with no success. The documentation of the Cerbo GX refers those inputs to wireless sensors only, not the ET112, so that might be why.

But I do see the ET112 under Settings->Energy Meters as 102023T, but only able to choose Generator, PV inverter or Grid.

Yes, I saw lots of options on alarms in VRM, but only under/over votage om the ET112, so I'll try that :)


Hi again,

Have now tried almost any combination there is with the ET112, and I'm not able to make it display as a AC Input, only as load or as an PV inverter (input/output). Also tried to set alarm on low voltage, but that didn't trigger when disconnecting shore power either.

So I'm a bit stuck



Yeh, I probably misinterpreted somewhat what you're trying to do.

The 'ac input' boxes are likely 'reserved' for Multis/Quattros, as they will provide the data.

Your Cerbo is a little overkill for the kit you have. Maybe time to complete your plans?

Or, if you can code, VenusOS is opensource. :)

Ok, no problem :) The setup was a couple of BMVs and a MPPT connected to a RPi and the ET112 for monitoring shore power, but was never able to get the monitoring/alarm of shorepower right on the RPi and assumed that was a RPi restriction. When the PSU for the RPi broke it got replaced by the CerboGX, and hopefully the monitoring got right, but sadly not. Also looking into using the temp sensors and digital inputs/outputs. But I do agree that is a bit overkill, but it give some room for testing new features :)

Hopefully in the future the Quick charger will be replaced with Multi plus or a separate charger/inverter.

I am able to monitor load and voltage as it is not, but not able to get alarms through the GX or VRM



I have the exact same combination of gear, was hoping to do the same thing, but no luck here either trying to use AC input loss alarm to monitor loss of shorepower through the ET112. I am thinking about getting a PMP122120000. new multiplus compact 12v/1200

Hi @pyemarine,

Also looking into the multiplus, but until that I was hoping I could add the ET112 as a monitor for Shore power, but for now it seems that it only can apply for Grid meter, PV inverter or Generator, and that the GX is restricted for that usage for the ET112 for now. Maybe a future feature :)


I’m having the same problem so the et112 setting as a grid meter won’t trigger the cerbo gx as a grid failure? If that’s the case and the only thing that will trigger the cerbo gx with grid failure is having a victron inverter then I just wasted all my money on 4 et112 ...

Will your ET112 monitor both L1 & L2? Looking at the very "sparse" manual online, the wiring diagram only seems to indicate L1 as a connection. Can it accept both leads? Would I have to use 2? Until I can get a MP (my old Magnum is still working well) I would like to populate the AC input in my Cerbo.
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martinis-thanasis answered ·
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