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Alternator w/ WS500 and Victron Venus or Cerbo

I love the Victron Venus system and would love to upgrade to the Cerbo (if i can every get my hands on one). I'm currently in the process of upgrading our alternator on our yacht. For this we will use a WS500 regulator which has the ability to get data from the victron BMV shunt in order to control voltage and Amperage coming from the alternator.

My question: is there anyway to see only alternator output through a venus or cerbo device? I know that the WS500 has a CAN bus but i would be unsure how these two devices would communicate or if there would be any way to display that information. It would be very helpful to understand what all the charging systems are doing (solar, wind, alternators, etc) on a single screen.

I do believe the answer is, no, there is no way to do this but i figure i would ask before i close the door to the idea.

Venus OSVenus GX - VGXalternatorcommunication protocol
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First of all with the WS500 if you want to monitor the alternator output then a separate shunt is needed in the alternator output line so it can control the Max output amps if required

if you want to see the NET amps going into or out of the battery then you can also use the BMV shunt.

You can have both as well. ie the alternator could be outputting 100amp but going into the battery is only 60 amps as your local boat loads are 40 amps ie 100 less 40 is a net of 60amps

I myself prefer both as this way the WS 500 can control the Maximum alternator output and thus not overheat the alternator, these are great regulators made by

The alternator Temp Sensor also helps with this as well

But to pull all this togeather use your boats Chart plotter

Now depending on what MDF (Chart plotter) you have ie Raymarine Axiom or BG or simrad etc

if they ware the lastest version you can then connect the can bus to there backbones and see the info directly on the MFD units. I use the Raymarine Axioms and it works really well, for all these brands always use the latest software for that BRAND, also make sure the gx device is also on the latest firmware

you can also display the GX device as well through the MFDs High Speed networks

now getting the WS to show on the GX this I have not done so I cant give you exact help here but currently as far as I know its not going to be easy.

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