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multiple solaredge inverters with multiplus 2

Good Morning,

I have a system with 1 Solarege 3,5kW and Multiplus 2 with battery. All works well together. I read the solaredge PV data into the Victron VRM (Solaredge Register 811) with TCP Modbus like explained by Victron.

But now I want to install a second Solaredge Inverter (3 Phase). How can I get the second PV production value into my Victron sytem, either the sum of both, or each one?

Victron installation manual only offers to read out the device ID 126. Is it possible to add addtional pv production systems? I think this option will be interesting for many people.

thank you.


Multiplus-IIModbus TCPsolaredge
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evhaandel avatar image evhaandel commented ·

Hi Wolfgang,

I'm trying to do the same thing, did you already found a working solution?



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Rob Duthie answered ·


You can use a another current ct for that inverter on its output in 3 phase CT and that feeds into the USB port via a RS485 converter cable and it will show up on the screen as another PV inverter.

An all those combined inverters will be taken into account and share and supply the loads etc.

I have three different kinds brands of PV grid tied inverter wired this way and they all are combined

and share to supply the batteries or grid etc.

Note: I have a Fronius on my system and all the others show as Fronius inverters that is the only bug bear.


Rob D


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gabe answered ·

Or maybe solve this problem on SolarEdge side by chaining the PV inverters in master/slave mode. Like explained here on page 7:

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Harold Halewijn answered ·

Hi, I already have 2 SolarEdge inverters running. One single phase SE3000 and one 3-phase SE15K. They are connected as master (SE15K) and slave and connected to SolarEdge Smart Metering device. Now I'm planning to extend it to ESS with 3 multiplus-ii units.

I was wondering if you have succeeded your project and if you could share some more information.



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stenis answered ·

You have to connect both SE WR about Modbus TCP to the Venus with different IP adresses. Maybe you has already connected the both SE WR via RS485 and only one to LAN, thats the way SE suggested. For Victron you have to connect the other WR also to the LAN, for the SE monitoring and feed limitation this doesn't matter, but the victron needs the input from the second WR from another ip address because both WR must have the Modbus ID 126.

This configuration runs at me with a SE12.5K and a SE9K together without any probs.

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pedaaa avatar image pedaaa commented ·

one question to this config with multiple SE´s:

does "zero feed in" still work with multiple SE inverters??

I mean, the SE gridmeter communicates via RS485 to the SE-inverters.

But all of those SE-Inverters now have ID126, as this is required for Victron.

So on RS485, all SE inverters seem to be the same, as all have ID126.

How could those by limited individually then?

If a power limit is sent on RS485 -> all inverters would react the same.

Or do all the SE inverters only read from the gridmeter via RS485 and limit themselves independently?

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rodolphe-yonnesolaire avatar image rodolphe-yonnesolaire pedaaa commented ·

Hi, there is a confusion between setting ID126 for sunspec protocol and setting ID for Slave ID on an RS485 bus ... It seems we can manage two both like you can read in the Victron Integrating with SolarEdge document (end chapter) :
6 For multiple SolarEdge inverter integration
1. The SolarEdge inverter needs to be interconnected via RS485-1, with a Leader, follower configuration.
6. Each inverter requires its own TCP connection and IP address with the same SunSpec setting for each inverter. (Section 5)

And just before this conclusion, you can read "Once you are done with the SunSpec setup you can re-configure RS485-1 for your SolarEdge Grid meter."....." The SunSpec setting will remain in the memory of the SolarEdge."

Yes, I'm agree those settings are not clear and menus should have been better organized to avoid confusion with ID settings.

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