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Update firmware or configure via USB an old Phoenix multiplus compact 12/2000/80

Hello guy's

I've got an issue with an old Phoenix Multiplus compact 12/2000/80 on firmware 1871148.hex ...

My problem is that the value for the low level battery is at 12.4v and it turn off inverter at 12.3V ...

And the second issue is that the charger don't want to be turned on even if its plugged on a generator ( i try 1000w and 2000w generator) and not even when i plug it on the grid ... when i turn the multiplus on charger only i can hear a "Clac" in it, but doesn't work anyway ...

So i almost buy the MK3 Pc ve.bus to change the settings and maybe see if the problem came with some wrong value in it =)

But i read on some victron page that this 1871148 firmware has no Ve.bus (and my pcm have only one rs485 connector that proove that my multiplus has no Ve.Bus)

So can i upagrade it any way ? the Mk3 can work or maybe i read somewhere that i can try with the old Mk2 ? but its a lil bit expansive and i can't buy the two just for a try ^^'

Do you have some ideas why the charger dont want to turn on even on the grid ? or ideas for the limit value of the inverter ?

Thanx for helping me guys and sorry for my approximate english, i'm french ! ;)

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It is true that you need MK2 for the old device. MK3 does not work with VE.9bit devices like yours.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to offer help with why it does not charge. It really seems like the MultiPlus is faulty somehow. Maybe if you had MK2 and connect with the VE.Configure software there will be some clues, but of course, this is not a gurantee.

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