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Orion-Tr Smart DC/DC control and grounding clarification


I am building a 24V setup very similar to the victron van install ( on a old Mercedes Benz truck (no smart alternator).

Instead of the Buck Boost, I will use the new Orion-Tr Smart 24/24-17A (400W) Isolated DC-DC charger behind a Battery Protect.

My negative bus bar and the enclosure of the MultiPlus are grounded to the chassis using 4mm2 wire.

The manual of the Orion-Tr Smart ( states on page 4:

"Remote on-off
Use the remote function to enable and disable the converter remotely with the remote on/off connector or using the
VictronConnect app. Typical use cases include a user operated
hard wired switch and automatic control by for example a Battery
Management System. If the minus of the service battery is not at
the same potential as the minus of the alternator or starter battery
an isolated remote on/off cable between the BMS and the on/off
port is required, see chapter 4.4 for details.

This should not be the case in a vehicle, but the on page 10, Figure 4:

there is an isolated remote on/off cable shown.

So here are my questions:

  • Is it correct to ground the negative bus bar and the enclosure of the MultiPlus to the vehicle?
  • Is it necessary to also ground the enclosures of the MPPT, the Orion etc. in such a setup?
  • Basically, I want to use the automatic "engine running" detection mechanism of the Orion-Tr to enable it. In case the VE.Bus BMS triggers the charge disconnect, the BatteryProtect on the charge side disconnects the Orion-Tr to protect the batteries. The question now is, if I also need to deactivate the Orion-Tr to protect it from beeing damaged, like with a MPPT? How would I do this? I have a "Non inverting remote on-off cable, ASS030550200" in my hands. It does not look like the one used in the diagram, it only has three cables (red, black, yellow).


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Rod avatar image Rod commented ·
It is incredible that Victron Energy hasn’t responded thos question !!

Where is the excellence on tech support?

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kevgermany avatar image kevgermany ♦♦ Rod commented ·
First port of call for tech support is the dealer/distributor. We're volunteers here and if it was missed, sorry. There is occasional input from Victron but not guaranteed or expected.
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Rod avatar image Rod kevgermany ♦♦ commented ·

Yes we are all volunteers and colleagues; still many times victron engineers step in with solutions.

Not kn this case for 2+!years; not even a link Pointing to other answered questions.

Hopefully kiko The original poster coul tell us what results he got

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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ Rod commented ·


And to add on local regulations are also a factor. So it is best to contact a local dealership or contact on this matter.

This is not an official ask Victron site. See the guidlines.

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2 Answers
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Rod answered ·

By the way, what are those red romboids, on theca swers, and where is the symbols table of translation ?

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In yachts, all battery banks must have a common ground. Be interesting to learn if there is such a requirement in automotive.

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