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How to connect to VRM portal with mobile phone hot spot

Hello..currently on the road without land connection... I am looking to install my raspberry pi/Victron during my vacation

Is there a way to do that with my « hotspot « from my iPhone.. laptop


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3 Answers
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JohnC answered ·

Hi Fenix. Yes, it should be possible to do that if your lappy can access the web via your 'hotspot'.

For a router, just use an ethernet cable from the lappy to your "RPi-GX", and 'share' the hotspot connection. If you need help doing that, ask again. Win call it ICS, and I believe Apple do it too. Google can help with that too.

You may find your LAN address changes occasionally if you shut the lappy down, but VRM will catch up once you start it again. Easy to ask VRM what the new LAN address is, so you can locally access the RPi without web delays.

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David avatar image David commented ·

John, I don't think it would work as above. I am pretty sure if you did want to connect the Pi direct to the Laptop via it's ethernet port (if it had one - many don't anymore), you would need to get a crossover cable.

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JohnC avatar image JohnC ♦ David commented ·

I've 2x laptops, one near new. Both work fine with a stocky ethernet cable, and the older one has been doing it for 2.5 years. (I love my VRM). Only reason I do it that way is my wireless ISP, but I'll get around to improving that one day. Trust me, it works.. :)

Do some laptops come without ethernet port these days? Oh my, I'll be wary if I buy another..

But it boils down to a networking issue. And the (non Victron) kit you have on hand.

Edit/: I us a CCGX, not RPi, but surely they work similarly?

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David avatar image David JohnC ♦ commented ·

Interesting ref the cable. Your experience clearly says it works. My (somewhat dated) knowledge on RJ45 would suggest it should not. I always used to carry a cross-over network cable in case I had to make a peer-to-peer connection.
Maybe it is a feature of the RJ45 Port on the Victron kit that it self-switches the Rx and Tx connections? I would try the Pi to confirm either way but ......

Do laptops come without RJ45 Ports? absolutely they do. The HP Laptop I am using to type this has no RJ45. I think a lot of the Apple iMacs have missed them for years.

The Mini Router I posted a link to gets round that as the Raspberry Pi (or the "real" Victron device - I've used it with both) gets a hardwired connection on a router with DHCP (so an essentially static IP address in effective terms) and you can connect to the router via WiFi on the Laptop (or use the 2nd RJ45 on the Router for hard wiring if preferred?)

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David answered ·

When you say "install my Raspberry Pi during my vacation", is this a brand new installation? I am asking this as when you first setup the Pi, you need a wired ethernet connection to be able to get to the Remote Console via a browser to then configure the Wifi.

This is what I would do myself ....

1) Buy one of these - GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 Mini Travel Router (This is a link to Amazon UK. I am sure the same device is available in other locations). This router is really nice and can also be powered using one of the Raspberry Pi's USB Ports and comes with all cables needed.

2) Configure the Router as a Wi-Fi Extender rather than a router. This will get your Pi it's IP Address and allow you to use your laptop, phone, tablet whatever to connect to it to configure via the Web Browser.

3) Set up the Pi WiFi with the Hotspots you have available. It will then connect automatically whenever it sees one of the active hotspots and upload data to the internet.

You could remove the Mini Router after you are setup but it is easier if you leave it plugged in as it will act as an Intranet hub as well as an extender and you can connect to the Pi via a web browser at any time without internet or cable (just point the laptop or phone Wifi to the Mini Router as well).

In reality, you can configure the Pi and the Mini-Router setup above probably faster than it took me to type this!

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fenix answered ·

I was able to get the up adresse :-)

Now connected to the portal

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