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Cerbo mislabelling NMEA 2000 Tank monitors.

I have a Cerbo (running current software) connected to a nmea2k system on my boat. Currently I have freshwater tanks being monitored with a maretron ultrasonic TLM100 and a resistive TLA100. Both work great. I also have a TLA100 on a fuel tank…again, works flawlessly displaying on the Cerbo tank screen.

Where I am having problems is displaying tank levels using a fluid pressure module and transducers. The maretron FPM100 has six channels to monitor fluid levels of up to six tanks using pressure transducers. Very handy for the horrible environment of a black water tank. I have one channel monitoring the level of a fuel tank, another in a black water tank. Everything works great on the greater nmea2000 system. All instancing is correct.

When I looked at the Cerbo tank screen, I get all of the tank labels correct….except those monitored on the multichannel device. Cerbo will only give me a tank label such as fuel(9) and blackwater(1). I lose the label Starboard Fuel whenever I enable another channel on the fluid pressure monitor. Again…garmin, maretron and all the other equipment see the tanks and their labeles just fine. Cerbo sees all the other tank labels just fine…except the tanks monitored on the multichannel device.

Incidentally, I searched the victron community to find similar problems…however this issue was supposed to be fixed since the original problem.

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