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Phoenix Inverter Smart with Autotransformer

I'm designing an off grid system and I'd potentially like to use a Phoenix Inverter Smart with a Victron Autotransformer. The photo below is what I want to do:

My question is where should I attach the ground relay control (shown above) and is this setup compatible with the Phoenix Inverter smart?

From the Victron Autotransformer manual (page 3), I see that,

From the Phoenix Inverter Smart manual (page 9), I see that,

Since the system is in a vehicle does that mean I simply need to connect the ground relay control wire to the same ground as the inverter?

Thanks for your help and let me know if you need any more details!

Phoenix InverterAutotransformerwiring diagram
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Troy Meuninck avatar image Troy Meuninck commented ·

I am looking for basically the same information: the grounding wiring recommendation for the H2 relay on the autotransformer to a Phoenix Inverter (Victron Energy Phoenix Inverter 48/3000 - 230V VE.Bus specifically). I cant even find the specs for the relay, if it is normally open vs normally closed, required voltage (basic information).

This will also inform me as to whether or not I maintain a ground reference at the inverter (N-PE connection remains in tact) in which case I assume (which I wont do but also want to avoid spending the time to reverse engineer and test this in the field) would want the H2 relay in the transformer to remain open resulting in no N-PE connection at the transformer and it is basically simply providing "passthrough" with the 120v split (keep me honest here)

If however I use the H2 in the transformer to provide ground N-PE (relay closed) I should remove the N-PE connection at the inverter. My thought here was possibly to leverage the M "alarm contact" as the mechanism to control the H2 relay in the transformer (meaning inverter providing power relay is closed).

Looking for the recommended approach for this "simple" two device connection (no external switch/disconnect etc just these two boxes so as to not make this more complicated).

Grounding seems to always be "tricky" and want to make sure I have as much information as possible and hopefully someone who has some experience with this specific configuration can provide insight. Any help is appreciated!


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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi @Ben Zook

Safe design and installation of ground fault equipment in vehicles is not easy, and giving an appropriate level of advice on a site like this is nearly impossible.

There is a safe and informative level of general theory in the current draft of Wiring Unlimited:

I encourage you to read that, continue to understand as much as possible, and then also seek the advice and experience of a suitably qualified local installer/electrician tradesperson.

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