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Bug? -> Grid tile in VRM shows AC-In from Multi while Grid tile in GX shows data from Grid Meter

I just noticed (the hard way) that Grid Tile in VRM and GX are not of the same nature.

While Grid tile in GX shows the data from the Grid Meter, the Grid tile in VRM shows/is coupled to the values/state from the AC-In of the Multi(s).

When AC-In of the Multi gets disconnected, the Grid tile in VRM goes blank, while the Grid tile in the GX continues to display the data fine.

This is actually very disturbing...


I had a rough week last week, as a defective PEN in the grid side caused some trouble in my installation (caused some voltage spikes and some 1phase devices are now dead out and need replacement). This incident was settled fast by my DSO and everything was working fine again for the next days and nights. However, I tended to check the status of my installation more regularly.

Well, on this Sunday morning the Multis were in inverter state, while battery was low and PV excess was available, instead of charging. No Alarms, nothing.

And what was driving me nuts was, that the GX showed a proper grid connection tile and data.

...then I noticed that VRM showed an empty (blank/no grid) Grid tile.

The reason for that came apparent, after I rushed downstairs to check the breakers...and yes, the breakers/load switches in font of the multis of L1 and L2 were off (L3 was still on).

Downloading the data from VRM shows no hint as to why these breakers would have triggered.
Anyway, the difference in the display in VRM and GX was not helping in that situation.

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