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Two Bus systems with one CCGX - problem

Hello Everyone,

I have a system with two VE BUS systems. In total, I have 3 Quattro. Two of them are connected in parallel and connected to the VE BUS port. One I connected through MK3 to Color Control.

I have two problems:

1. I can see all products in Color Control, but if I want to come back from Quattro with MK3 I need to do reboot, is it normal?

2. If I have the Color control off from the power supply and I want to turn on the Quattro it does not react.
I have to disconnect the VE BUS to turn on the CCGX, plug in the VE BUS and then it works again.

In my opinion, this is not normal. When the Color Control is turned off, Quattros should work, it is a system on the boat.

Maybe one of you had a problem like that. I will be grateful for your help.

CCGX Color ControlVE.BusMK3
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First please check to make sure the firmware on all connected devices is current. There was a firmware change that adjusted this behaviour to be as you expect.

If firmware is confirmed as current, there is another adjustment you can make, see here for details:

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Hello Guy,

As I wrote before there will be two BUS systems with one CCGX. I have one Lynx Ion BMS 1000A with HE Battery.

One system connected to VE BUS port in CCGX, second system will be connected to USB port in CCGX via MK3.

Lynx Ion BMS will be connected to CAN port in Color Control.

Will the Quattro connected via MK3 work correct? Will the data from Lynx Ion BMS be properly transferred to Quattro?

Mainly I mean about proper battery charging.

Thank you so much for help!

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