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Voltage and Temp monitor options

What’s the order of preference for voltage and temp monitoring? I just finished setting up my Victron solar generator for my off-grid cabin which is inclusive of a multi-plus 3000, Solar charger 100/30, BVM-712 and Cerbo GX. I have everything set up and working and trying to optimize my settings and limits but unsure which devices is best to handle monitoring or if the Cerbo GX is sharing it all either way.

Technically three of the devices are capable of the temp and voltage monitoring so should I just use one for each function or tie everything to the Cerbo since it will act as the hub? Or should I try to get each device to read as much data as possible?

An example is the temp compensation. The Multiplus has this input along with the BVM and Cerbo but since multi will charge battery when generator is running I assume it’s better to have multi manage directly. I’m hoping that the info is shared with MPPT for compensation as well through the Cerbo.

The multi also can measure voltage at the battery and compensate but then seems to make the BVM midpoint measure redundant. I only have 2 batteries in series so there isn’t much of a midpoint.

Perhaps I’m overthinking it but wanted to see if anyone else had similar thoughts.

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Is your 100/30 BT enabled? If so you can "connect" to the 712 via BT.

Which unit is closest to the battery bank or easiest to connect?

If you enable "DVCC" on the Cerbo all connected units can "share" temp info.

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Thanks! I was unaware of those two settings. Yes it’s Bluetooth enabled so will connect them and enable DVCC in the Cerbo.

They are all about the same distance and ease so I will probably just keep multi as the temp monitor and maybe do voltage through BVM. I have two temp probes so would be nice to track ambient temp with the extra one on the Cerbo.

Is there a difference between the voltage monitor (Separate input) provided by multi and a “midpoint” voltage from BVM? It looks like the midpoint may only be relevant once I add another battery string in parallel.

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