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Orion DC-DC, AGM, Lithium & Wakespeed

Hi all,

I am trying to understand the best way to charge both Lithium (House) and Led Acid (Start) incorporating a WakeSpeed regulator.

There are various diagrams online but it’s not totally clear how the combined setup works.

Would one of the two set ups below work? Or does anyone have a simple diagram to visualise the correct approach? Thanks.


Lithium BatteryAGM Batteryorion dc-dcalternatorlynx bms
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jwfrary answered ·

Diagram 1 is what I intend to to in my setup. The load on the start bank is very modest so it's better to change that with a DC to DC charger.

Diagram 2 isn't a good idea with a large system, and would likely result in a short service life in the start battery and limited charging of the lithium bank (unless you double/triple up the dc to dc converters, but it's not really the best way.

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(a) In Diagram 1, I assume I would need something like a battery isolator from the alternator also so as to charge the starter battery and the house lithium battery - and therefore not use the DC to DC?? - See Diagram 3. But, I understand that if I installed solar or another charging source for example then the starter battery would not benefit?? The other issue is I only can set up one charger profile. What's your view?


Diagram 3

(b) Another Option might be to install an ACR to isolate the battery when the Alternator is not running (assuming I don't need a isolated set up and everything has equal voltages)?

(c) Or, opt for Wiring diagram 2 - (note: the Alternator Shunt is incorrect as needs to be between all batteries) - but with additional DC to DC Chargers to increase the charging amps (Orion limited to 30)?

Any views on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Robert answered ·

Hello, did you realise that when the BMS is not ATC, your Alternator doesn't charge?

For this reason it's not a good idea the controll your alternator by a BMS.

In worst case (with low temperature in your LFP Batterys) you run out energy because your starter battery wouldn't charge too.

Wich size of alternator, DC/DC Charger and Battery Bank we talk?

Best regards Robert

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colm avatar image colm commented ·

Hi Robert, the ATC set up is the recommended approach - see here. I am considering a 150Ah balmar and 600Ah Lithium house bank. We will also install solar.

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Robert avatar image Robert colm commented ·
Hello, the manual said.

When your BMS send the information "not ATC" , the Alternator goes off.

When this is no problem for you, perfect.

I need very similar the same but at the moment the WS500 isn't that solution for me.

Best regards Robert

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colm avatar image colm Robert commented ·

Thanks Robert, your point makes perfect sense. I am now considering the battery isolator option (see Diagram s) above as that means if the BMS shuts down I don't blow up the alternator - but I still havent figured out what to do with different charging profiles (Lithium House and Led Acid Start). Any additional comments would be very welcome.

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