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relay in MP2 or CerboGX relay

Dear All

I have been looking on this platform if old posts can assist me but I find myself still having a few questions.

I have a MP2 (5kva) and a CerboGX with all the other necessary items for 48V to 220V configuration (Grid-tie).

My kitchen is some distance from the MP2/GX and most of the "heavy lifting" happens in the kitchen. So for this reason, a touch 50 / 70 will not be able to reach the preference place (view point) so that all can see when they switch on loads.

Our local grid is terrible (to say the least) and we have daily outages that can last 2 to 4 hours.

My question : is it possible to install a LED to one of the relays in the MP2 (green connectors) or use the GX relays (built in) to turn on the LED when the grid is out (either by NC or NO relay configuration).

If so, should I connect a 5V (or 12 or etc.) load to the green connectors (that passes through the relay) or can this be configured to power itself.

If anyone can point me to the literature that gives a detailed explanation to what each slot do within the GREEN connector (or GX) with the its current/voltage limitation, I will be able to figure it out on my own.

However, If any of you have done this previously, I would highly appreciate it if you can send a photo or diagram my way.

Thanks in advance

Multiplus-IIcerbo gxRelayled
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The relays on the cerbo and MP are potential free, meaning they dont power anything, but can signal something. You can pass some voltage through them, but you will need to check datasheets.

The simplest solution is an indicator light that is powered from grid that goes out when grid does. Easier to run to line of sight.

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Thanks for the quick reply and idea.

Yes indeed this would most probably be the easiest option. However, from experience, if people gets use to the light is always on, it sometimes get missed when it is off.

I see the GX can handle the folowing : 2 x NO/NC, DC up to 30VDC: 6A, DC up to 70VDC: 1A, AC: 6A, 125VAC. However, I am not sure how to program the CerboGX (via App?).

Any other ideas, please let me know.

Kind regards

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The cerbo is programmed on the cerbo directly or with the remote console.

If the system is online the vrm app can be set up to send a push notification for grid lost. It can also is set up on the cerbo

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@Alexandra OK, found it under the sub-menu / folder i.e. Relay 1 & Relay 2.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

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Cool so you can set it to alarm relay and find something that can run off what ever voltage you choose from the cerbo relay 1.

Keep in mind though it will light up for every alarm.

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