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Multiplus Charger Inverters system setup

Setting.pdfAssistant.PNGIMG-20190803-WA0000.jpgMultiplus Charger Inverter system Utility Power versus Solar system

Device List:

  1. Color Control GX, V2.33
  2. MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100, V430, ID 2624
  3. BMV-700, V3.08
  4. SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/85, V1.39
  5. 12 X 320W Solar Panels
  6. 8pieces of 12V, 200AH AGM, configured for 48V Bank.


The unit unit is to be connected to unreliable utility (grid) power, no feed in required, only to be use as alternative when there is no solar ray.

Use Solar to charge the battery bank and power the load during the day (as long as there is solar Power), the solar is to be prioritized above the utility power, however during the night, the utility power if available should charge the battery and power the house loads, same applied if during the day theres no solar ray strong enough and there is utility power


I have setup the system using assistant “self-consumption Hub 1” (not too sure this is the right way to configure to meet the philosophy), I observed that during the night when there is no solar ray and there is utility power, the inverter still continue to ignore the utility power and same during the day when there is reduce solar ray. Can the community help review my setup? Attached is the settings, the snippet of the remote console and the assistant summary.

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setting.pdf (190.4 KiB)
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Is it not better to use ESS than Hub1?

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olamobile avatar image olamobile commented ·

I am not so familiar with ESS, I tried but couldn't achieve the intended. Can you help guide me on how to go about this.

Appreciate all help I could get on this

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Jaco Reinecke avatar image Jaco Reinecke olamobile commented ·

See if this helps.

NOTE: Be careful, it is not a official Victron document, I just recorded the steps for myself.

01 - ESS Setup for Multigrid - 20180926.pdf

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