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4 things I am missing at software level

To the consideration of Victron engineers, 4 things I would like to see improved at software level to fit the needs of autonomous solar systems running on lead acid batteries:

1 – When automatic equalization is on an indicator should exist stating the number of days since last equalization (or alternatively until next equalization). As it is, for instance, I have no notion if when I change parameters the counting resets.

2 – Expert mode ought to contemplate the possibility of choosing to define charge efficiency not as a constant % value but as an algorithm capable of catering for the known fact that efficiency is substantially lower (decreases) on higher SOCs (in the most elementary form this could mean setting different efficiency %s for different estimated SOC ranges). C.f.: A study of lead-acid battery efficiency near top-of-charge and the impact on PV system design

3 – Most manufacturers (e.g. Hoppecke) recommend a charge protocol where ideally you should charge the batteries to 100% every couple of weeks and equalize them every month or so. This implies the need to set an additional parameter where you can tell the system to every x days use a different absorption setting (e.g. more prolonged).

4 – Currently a Multiplus (mine is a 1910 model) connected to a Cerbo does not automatic start after a Power-off. It waits for the Cerbo to query it, which implies either you restart the Cerbo or hit “Redetect System” (nagging when you do not have power because the Multiplus does not start, forces you to use a mobile device and keep the Cerbo wi-fi hotspot always on).

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