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Venus OS Large 2.92 - Debug and Logging etc

I'm working on some customizations to my Venus/Pi setup and running into some issues.


(A) Does leaving my desktop connected to Node Red ( for long periods (overnight) lead to problems that would not occur if I close the browser window when I'm not actively editing Flows?

Hunting around the Raspberry/Venus filesystem I'm not finding detailed logs so far.

(B) Where do I find detailed log files on Venus OS Large 2.92



Node Red?

Can Node Red log locally (on Pi3+ under /data) what appears remotely in the browser "debug" window pane?




(C) If, by default, Venus is not keeping detailed / debug logs, can someone tell me how to enable them?

(D) Does Venus OS Large v3.00~15 fix bugs in 2.92 that would make it a better choice now than continuing with 2.92? (I'd keep 2.92 SD card as-is for fallback and use a new SD card for 3.00)


Raspberry Pi 3+ - re-installed fresh in January 2023

Brand new SanDisk SD Card

apt update / upgrade done

Venus OS 2.92 - installed fresh

Node Red & Signal K enabled

MQTT enabled

Programming Node Red

Working as intended

Disabled MQTT via Remote Console at end of day

Had experimented with it, but didn't really need it

Left Node Red desktop browser window open overnight


In the morning, Node-Red in desktop browser unresponsive

SSH connection from Desktop to Pi3+ "broken pipe"

SSH reconnect attempt timed-out

Attempt to reload Node Red webpage (on desktop PC)

Refreshing web page very slow

took much longer than I was willing to wait for

Left for 2 hours

Checked Pi3+ again

Pi3+ does show up on router as connected device

Router shows Pi3+ is still sending/receiving data

Router indicates 2+ days connection time to Pi3+

Desktop browser to Pi3+ Venus Remote Console DOES respond

Checked Node Red

Responding, showing messages in debug panel again

Checked SSH

Responding, now it does connect to Pi3+ successfully

Seems like everything has returned to normal...?

Venus OSRaspberry PiNode-RED
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Not sure about Node Red but most logs are in /data/log

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