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Add signal K data to Venus system with Raspberry

Hello, on my boat, I have a 100/20 MPPT solar charger and waiting for a 220V 30 A charger.

I have two control systems, through two raspberry's

1. Raspberry Pi 4 with raspbian system with Node Red and Signal K, collecting temperature data, including the temperatures of 2 service batteries and 1 motor battery.

2. My new Raspberry Pi system running Venus Large OS, with Signal K and Node Red.

From my raspberry Pi 4, through Signal K I send the data to the raspberry Pi 3 (Venus), and receive it in Signal K.

My question is how can I use some of the data I receive on Signal K on Venus? For example, to view the data in the Venus operating system.

I could add another sensor on Venus, but I understand that having the data already it is better to use it.

If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it.


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