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Quattro communication without GX

Hi everyone. Thank you for reading.

I'm trying to develop a energy transfer system using a Raspberry Pi for controling instead of a GX device. Now I want to be able to communicate with my Quattro using the RaspPi. I've read the next document: And in the Ve-bus section says:

"All interfacing has to be done via Modbus TCP (preferred), “VE.Bus to CANbus/NMEA2000 interface”, or via the MK2/MK3"

When it says Modbus TCP it is refering using a GX device? If that is the case, I only have two options, right? Canbus/NMEA2000 or MK2/MK3 interface. I've made a search for this topic and I've found some post talking about MK2/MK3 interface and I've got some question about it:

Is there any diference between mk2 and mk3 protocol? In the link above, says:

"Note that there is no difference in protocol between the MK2 and MK3 interfaces."

But in this post: They talk about mk2 and mk3 like they are diferent things. If they are the same, I wonder I can use and connect my mk3-usb adapter to my RaspBerry Pi and start the communication.

Also, any recommendation about what I want to do would be appreciate. I am considering install Venus in my Raspberry pi (I have Zero 2w), but I don't know if it will be worth it.

Thank you again.

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