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Cerbo GX falling off of network. Sort of....


I recently started setting up a Cerbo GX on my local network. The CGX is new to me, so as far as I could tell, things were going well for several days as I explored and configured the unit. Then the weirdness begins. Here's what's happening.

I can reach the unit via VRM, and all Internet/browser-based functionality seems to be working. The strange thing is that, even with VRM working, I cannot access the remote console locally, via the unit's IP address. Even after logging out of VRM. Next, I cannot ping the CGX. The failure of this basic network function is worrying. I know the unit's fixed IP address, and my router shows it as a client through multiple refreshes. Rebooting the router changes little, and doesn't help. All WiFi settings have been verified (Netmask, Gateway, DNS, etc).

Now, if I log into VRM and use it's browser-based instance of the remote console, I can go into the unit and reboot it. As soon as the CGX restarts, I begins responding to the ping -t command I started earlier and I now can reach it with the remote console. Full communication. Either the reboot refreshes something on my network (still checking) or the CGX has fallen asleep locally. At this time, I'm not yet sure how long before it loses itself again. That I will keep an eye on.

Is there anything that would normally prevent one of these things from responding to a ping request? I'm running Cerbo GX firmware v2.92, which I think is the latest version. I recently installed Louis van der Walt's Victron VenusOS driver for serial battery BMS units (v.0.14.3 ) for a JBD BMS and Kevin Windrem's SetupHelper (v4.31) and GUIMods (v7.9), but I don't think any of these has any bearing on network connectivity. Anyway, I think this communication loss situation happened at least once prior to the software additions, but I didn't see it for what it was at the time. I'd hate to have to default the unit.

Any pointers?


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