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Smart MPPT 75/15 load output incorrect power consumption

Hi all,

I have off-grid system powered by 2x160W monocrystale PVs, Smart MPPT 75/15 and (currently) 12V 74Ah Ca/Ca flooded lead-acid battery.

This system powers one WiFi P2P link, and one CCTV.

I noticed that controller shows consumption around 0.2-0.3A all the time, no matter if CCTV IRs are on or off. How it can be possible?

I measured consumption of CCTV with multimeter, and it is 0.16A without IR, while with IR it is about 0.34A

On top of that, there is WiFi P2P link, by I didn't measure its consumption yet.

My expectation of load during the night is 0.5-0.6A, but controller shows 0.2A only.

What am I missing here?



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Are the loads all connected to the load terminals?

Measurements of low loads are not very accurate. If accuracy is important, suggest you fit a BMV.

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Nenad Strainovic avatar image Nenad Strainovic kevgermany ♦♦ commented ·
Yes, all the loads are connected to the load terminals. I didn't know that measurements of low loads are not very accurate. Will try will multimeter as I don't have BMV at the moment.

Thank you! :)

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