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BMV manual info unconformity (!?)

I was reading paper version manual for my BMV today, just to review my setting and try to learn more about it. But I got confuse cause I think there is contradicting information within. I had to go check the online version, to check if it was a typo that was maybe corrected. But I find the same error (!?) in the online version of the manual.

I'm saying this, but I might be wrong and confuse, please correct me if I'm wrong. I would really like to know which info is right or if the 2 info I think are contradicting are just 2 different info that I think should be the same..

so at 2.3 commons problems it is mentioned:

and when reading further, at 4.2.1 Battery settings under 02. Charged Voltage we found that:

and then if you just the mentioned section 3.7 (in blue ^) the mentioned voltage (13.2v) is proper for float and not for absorb, so think section 2.3 is wrong, unless I am just really confused and those 2 pieces of information are not related to each other...

so to add to my confusion, when I look at my own setup in the BMV, charged voltage is set to 14,8V, which I don't remember having set that, but I would really like to know if this is right or not

If ever i am proven to be wrong, i would like excuse myself in advance since english is not my first language

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In general you should setup the BMV to what works best for your setup & there is commonly some trial & error involved.

The general guidance is to setup the 'charged voltage' to a little below the charger float voltage for setups which are under constant charge (such as from mains) & have extended periods of float charge.

But with solar systems where the charge cycle can be more irregular (charge current can drop quite low quickly due to some cloud cover), in order to prevent an early SOC sync your best to set the 'charged voltage' to a little below the charger absorption voltage instead and also possibly make the other conditions more difficult to satisfy.

The other extreme of this is that you could set the conditions too aggressively and then a sync will never/barely ever occur.

My recommendation is to use the absorption voltage as the reference for all systems that have cyclic use.

PS. Victron also have a few videos on YouTube in relation to BMV setup that you could watch.

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ok, got it!

I don't think it's clear how it is explain in the manual, but now it makes some senses.

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